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  1. tommys2patrick

    WANTED : M-1950 Gasoline burner stove

    Hopefully I am not rambling on needlessly. It is interesting to note that similar stoves were in use by germany before world war 2 circa 1939. It is interesting to not how closely the US military stove resembled the German army stoves. although the german stove seems to be a much more...
  2. tommys2patrick

    WANTED : M-1950 Gasoline burner stove

    afterthought--you wanted to know the differences--I think the original wwII stoves had spare parts/tools and 3 or 4 legs typically. some can with aluminum cases(cylindrical) and some did not. the tanks could be painted brass or steel painted. several manufacturers. while based on a coleman...
  3. tommys2patrick

    WANTED : M-1950 Gasoline burner stove

    I finally dug thru my barn and found the stoves. several are from the forties. however I do have some from later years made by coleman. they had a brand after the war called the "gi stove". somewhat similar in general configuration but with more modern components. sadly not a military issue...
  4. tommys2patrick

    WANTED : M-1950 Gasoline burner stove

    I will try to pull some pix together in the next couple days. been a while since I posted pics on the site
  5. tommys2patrick

    WANTED : M-1950 Gasoline burner stove

    I have a number of similar ones but from the 1940's and fifties. probably not what you want as it is a generation earlier.
  6. tommys2patrick

    Daryl’s Deuce Resto

    interesting for a 71' to still be non turbo and exhaust under the cab with muffler. it looks like i has other upgrades like suspension seat. nice winch too. good save! please post pictures of paint. if its anything like your rocker repairs it will be great.
  7. tommys2patrick

    Uses for Deuces

    Love my thorlos. had them for I don't know how long. warmest chushiest feet gear I have . even works well hiking in summer. wick moisture. long wearing.
  8. tommys2patrick

    Cooler failure

    Dang. that sucks donkey *****. the price of meat these days just makes it that much worse.
  9. tommys2patrick

    What's this?

    the bottle for the windshield washer fluid was mounted to the driver side drop down engine bay panel. a white plastic bottle. it had a rubber siphon tube that came through the firewall. usually through one of the same holes for the steering wheel shaft or similar near it. not sure how...
  10. tommys2patrick

    M146 6-ton trailer

    Mine is completely the light green inside with bare floors. a lot of these were heavily modified inside for the end use of the unit(s) they served.
  11. tommys2patrick

    WY/CO Chapter

    so...what about the VFD's, the colleges, the forest service, the police and other government agencies both state and federal that continue to operate these vehicles on road. how do we come to a place where the government can declare " do as I say not as I do". what happened to a government...
  12. tommys2patrick

    Identify these parts on an LDT 465-1D

    the five tons from the sixties had the air intake mounted on right front fender top. so having the elbow face that direction is probably why. if you can get a better picture of the data tag on the block it might confirm that it is actually an LDT or an LDS. I seem to recall the 5 tons had an...
  13. tommys2patrick

    Replacing Rear Wheel Bearings and all pertaining to

    this is a great time for you. most people rarely venture beyond what they have already known or done. Just take a picture before teardown, during and after. almost all of the parts will be very heavy so plan, prepare and leave time to walk away if you get frustrated. its going to be messy...
  14. tommys2patrick

    I am back in the MV game

    welcome back. kind of amazing how many of them are still kicking around in VFD service around the country.
  15. tommys2patrick

    Truck tracks? Anybody use them?

    I have seen a military version of this for deuce. they have even showed up on gov liq site several years ago. never owned one or ridden in a truck with them. not a five ton but some research about that may be in order.
  16. tommys2patrick

    New Member Denver Area

    Howdy and welcome from Northern edge of Colorado. Sounds like a good purchase-like to see pics if possible.
  17. tommys2patrick

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Did you try undoing the front engine block mounts a little? if you can raise the front of the engine just an inch it may be enough. not too hard if you can get a good lift on the engine without mucking up the oil pan. by the way, great job moving radiator out of the way without disconnecting...
  18. tommys2patrick

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    plenty of elbow room too! I suppose a small beverage container and lounge chair would be over the top.
  19. tommys2patrick

    Hey from Colorado

    howdy, welcome to the site from northern colorado. you might also look to past threads (and current) to see if you can find info as someone else may have already been through what you are asking about. pictures are always helpful to you and others.
  20. tommys2patrick

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Hgun--interesting---as the "parking brake" is actually on the transfer case not the drive wheels. that wheel may not be the problem. next time check the drum brake on the back of the transfer case for heat and smoke. if it is always hard to apply the parking brake it is likely the pads are...
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