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    Steel Soldiers giveaway sponsored by

    I'm definitely in, thanks!
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    2018 Findlay Oh Armed forces day buy-sell-trade & Info

    Is anyone heading to this show that would be willing to pick up a pair of MRAP seats from Denton, Texas (76209) and bring them for me? I'd obviously pay for your troubles!
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    Hello from Michigan!

    Thanks! My memory slipped in my first post, turns out the truck was last in use with the Navy, not the Air Force, which explains the brakes. I do want to hit the doors with some wet sanding to see if I can find a little history under the latest layer of paint.
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    Hello from Michigan!

    Thanks for the welcomes, everyone! I am trying to upgrade instead of repair whenever possible, so I'm in the beginning phases of retrofitting a split brake system onto the truck. Thank you! It is indeed a winch. Previous owner said it worked well, but I haven't had a reason to use it yet...
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    Hello from Michigan!

    Thanks for the welcomes! Porkysplace, sadly the truck doesn't have the split brake system, which is part of the reason I'm intrigued by it's history. It also doesn't help that a leak over the winter made the brakes currently inoperable. Unrelated, but Saginaw is only an hour from me. Nice to...
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    Hello from Michigan!

    Hi everyone! I joined the site a long time ago when I was first interested in military vehicles, but I finally got around to buying one so it's time to start posting. Last summer I bought my 1969 Kaiser M35A2 from a guy in central Indiana, and drove it home to Michigan. He said that it was an...
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