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  1. juanprado

    M1101 Fire Set Up

    I would recommend when you replace tires to get smaller and get that center of gravity lowered. That is a lot of weight and easy to rollover. Not sure those totes have baffles.
  2. juanprado

    Parts for M1101 Brakes.

    Look at the tm to get the part numbers and cross over. I suspect it is dexter. Not sure you are going to get a complete assembly, might have to piece together. Brake Shoes, Wheel cyl, and hardware kit should be readily available. Does the brake drum go on correctly? I suspect it was robbed...
  3. juanprado

    Parts for M1101 Brakes.

    Croft or etrailer. All civy parts.
  4. juanprado

    Normal resistance between battery connections?

    Positive terminal is a different size than negative on oe mil spec terminals. I don't see a + or - negative on terminal. You might have chinacom knockoff.
  5. juanprado

    New decal for the back of my 923

    She is a Keeper....... great decal :tank:
  6. juanprado

    Down the Rabbit Hole! My Chronicles of Buying a Surplus M1152A1. One Place For All Who Want to Know.

    I would check that wheel's portal hub to make sure the bearings are good and nut properly adjusted.
  7. juanprado

    MT654CR trans replacement for M923

    many many threads on here about the fluid. My m923 came with dexron already straight out of Ft. Polk. No issues and shifts great. If you are running 1000's of miles or heavy towing, weight carrying , working her like a rented mule; consensus is to use the motor oil. Whatever you do, key is to...
  8. juanprado

    Need help ID M1151 interior rack.

    hard to tell with the dirt but look at the indentation in the middle of the bottom 2 screws and clean out to see if it is hollow or look directly under the bed where screwed down and see if you have a black plastic nipple. Hose could be long gone. Also has a slant to it. Water can...
  9. juanprado

    Replacing Differential Gear Oil

    I used GL5 80w90 gear oil in my m923 and it is better in my mind than the original lube. GL5 is pretty much the standard now a days in the civy world. Synthetic is not worth the hype or cost in this application IMHO. Ymmv
  10. juanprado

    Need help ID M1151 interior rack.

    Fuel can holders are normally on the floor and have a drain hose through the body. They are different than the water ones. Both abs plastic not the ole school universal metal ones.
  11. juanprado

    Need help ID M1151 interior rack.

    holds 3 of the larger ammo cans. I think 40mm.....
  12. juanprado

    a rather weird question..the case of the missing 16mm socket

    here is a pic and link to the critter that has worked for me...
  13. juanprado

    a rather weird question..the case of the missing 16mm socket

    I like to use one of those automotive expanding stick magnets with a knuckle joint. I think mine is a kd or lisle tool. Probe the general area and good luck fishing...
  14. juanprado

    M1097A2 trans control module

    In Mobile, I previewed 100 1097's of all flavors from Red River earlier in the year. There was one truck that had dozens of these controlers in the boxes in the back of the bed. All the trucks had stuff thrown in them but when they come up for auction are "cleaned" up. I am sure all these gizmos...
  15. juanprado

    Power hookup for accesories

    Plugs into the slave outlet. Has a 24v inverter built in with overcharging/heating Circuit protection. Simple solution to run low amp usb devices. It is a veteran owned company and no more wires or drawing from rear battery inbalance seemed to me worth the price. Cheaper solutions out there...
  16. juanprado

    Tire Load Ranges...

    Typically the higher the weight rating the stiffer and possibly more plys of cord on the tire making it ride harder. Use d and you will be fine. If you mix, put d upfront and e on back. I run 30-35 on d bfg bajas and very happy with ride.
  17. juanprado

    M101A2 Trailer tire change to modern tires?

    That is one of the last a2 made before they switched to a3 with lifting loops and reinforcement ribs. The a3 bed has wider wheel fenders. I have one in my fleet and like it more than the older a2. This article will explain differences on lt vs trailer tires...
  18. juanprado

    Power hookup for accesories

    there is an aftermarket slave plug that has 2 USB ports. I use it for my phone and simple accessories. Looks OE also
  19. juanprado

    PulseTech accsessories?

    in the space next to the battery box under the passenger seat that originally had a first aid kit in older models.
  20. juanprado

    PulseTech accsessories?

    They use circuit breakers that can be reset. Simple work around is to replace the breaker with a plain ole automotive fuse. The connectors I think are from the marine world. The 12/24 box with leads was specifically designed and made for the HMMWV. The circuit board in it also is used to...
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