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  1. Larry Weibert

    Humvee purchase, need advice

    Hi dbalogh I noticed you said you live in Niagara Falls. I live 12 miles north of you in Youngstown NY. I own an Auto facility and collect MV's as well. If you need any help with buying transporting or repairing what you might get, I'll be happy to help you. I own 4 deuces and 4 5 tons along...
  2. Larry Weibert

    M35A2 vs. M35A3 In Snow and Ice

    Its a hard call. I really like both. I have a lot of the m35s and 5 tons all manual. I really like them. Always start always run just grunt simple. Ill get you there and ill get you back as long as your sucking air and can play the peddles. My Tow trucks I run internationals I like the DT 466...
  3. Larry Weibert

    Graves Mountain Rally (Virginia), Labor Day Weekend 2022

    Had a great time last year hope to stop by again this year. Great bunce of guys Gails and vehicles.
  4. Larry Weibert

    Flip a switch to use gas?

    My M817 Dump has a L/R switch on the dash and a valve on the floor. also 2 tanks.
  5. Larry Weibert

    mgFray's HMMWV from Minnesota

    Welcome to aboard. Its a great site lots of help and everyone likes to share knowledge and experience. The more you read the more you want to do once you find the time.
  6. Larry Weibert

    Lost and Found, a 50+ year journey

    Great story , great vehicle it doesn't get any better. You really did the right thing and following through paid off.
  7. Larry Weibert

    5 Ton wheel tire combo to have best scrub radius/track width match with 16.00 tires.

    Superthermal. The truck you have posted on post 1 looks like it has the rear hubs flipped on the 5 ton. I have a M 817 Dump with 16s on Hemtt rims. I have no issues. i plan on flipping my rear hubs when i do some brake work on mine this summer. I think they look nice with out the deep dish back...
  8. Larry Weibert

    Found a source for Dot 5 brake fluid

    Thanks so much. I ordered 60 came to about $ 150 for 5 gals. Now I can get fresh fluid in my trucks. I also ordered carb cleaner and brake cleaner it was a lot cheaper even with shipping then from our normal supply place.
  9. Larry Weibert

    French VAB APC questions

    Ya its in France they have 6 of them for sale. My buddy just bought and brought over a Unimog. He has been bringing stuff over for 40 years very good at it. He has contacts to visit inspect secure and move the stuff over that side. The Unimog he just got took about 45 days it's in Baltimore for...
  10. Larry Weibert

    French VAB APC questions

    Hi Team. I am looking to possibly purchasing a pre 1980s VAB 4X4 model. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge about them? The price seems workable although its physical size is a bit larger than I wanted. It's also on the high end of the weight I would want. Any thoughts on the subject...
  11. Larry Weibert

    Battery Box Slides

    Rusty its great seeing you back. I retired the main job 4 yrs ago and still struggle with time to get to the projects I so badly want to get done. I hear you on the changes age brings. We work slower and smarter. Great job on the battery slides.
  12. Larry Weibert

    International with 5 ton axles and transfer case

    Parts needed guys anyone know where to get the power divider diaphragm on the 7 ton Rockwell axles. There like the 5 ton axles but have the air lockers.
  13. Larry Weibert

    International with 5 ton axles and transfer case

    "Shaky Truck ( mike ) and i both have the same issue our middle 7 ton axle with the power divider has a diaphragm housing on the divider thats cracked. Does anyone know were we could get replacement parts for it.
  14. Larry Weibert

    International with 5 ton axles and transfer case

    Shaky truck thanks for that info looks like you found the same ones. what project you planning for those?
  15. Larry Weibert

    Stick with DOT5 or go to DOT3/4

    I used to buy the DOT 5 from this sight it was the best price around. It no longer works does anyone know what happed to this vendor iris industries.
  16. Larry Weibert

    The Once And For All On Batteries...

    Just a couple battery observations. I have delt with a lot of batteries over the years. I have a 2007 Kubota 4240 Tractor and a 2007 Kubota 31HP diesel lawn mower. They sit outside all winter and the lawn mower battery just at the end of this season gave up the ghost. The tractor still works...
  17. Larry Weibert

    International with 5 ton axles and transfer case

    anyone know what's different on 7 ton axles with the air lockers. i am told the axles shafts are larger. I want to order seals and bearings but can't find much info on them. I have been looking for a few days. any help is appreciated.
  18. Larry Weibert

    International with 5 ton axles and transfer case

    Update on the project. I managed to find some what i believe are 7.5 ton axles with lockers for the project i got them home this weekend. I only plan on using the front steer and rear axle of the three. I have a few pics. i want to find out who has seal kits etc for them not sure what all is...
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