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  1. theoldman

    who out here has a Pinzgauer

    718 Pinz I have a 718 under the pole barn been derusting and painting it. May have to go to England or South Aisa to find wind screen doors and a Cab.theoldman
  2. theoldman

    2010 Florida Steel Soldiers Rally - February 19th-21st!

    Land Update From The Old Man It has been a wet winter here in Florida. Campers and two wheel drives may not be able to get to the back 40A. Once the big trucks start going back the road will become mush real quick. There is available parking in the frount pasture. Bring your rubber boots...
  3. theoldman

    OFFICIAL Florida Rally Pics & Video Links

    Rain Sorry guys and Gals we had 2 inches of rain on tuiesday night the mud hole would give a umog some trouble. The cows are happy to have the woods back for another year and have two sixty pound pigs in the wire trap that I have to take care of.
  4. theoldman

    Florida Teaser Pics

    RE: Florida Rally Well its sunday night, the Fla Rally is over for another year. Just enough rain to to give some good mud ask mangus. All the fences are repaired from the gun fire and the cows will have their pasture back tommrow and dman will get a good night of sleep which he needs...
  5. theoldman

    2008 Florida Steel Soldiers Rally Feb 21-24th

    Kenny that is the reason I have a NPT to FPT fitting on my well and 300 feet of fire hose
  6. theoldman

    2008 Florida Steel Soldiers Rally Feb 21-24th

    Looks like I will have to set up the pig traps, and bate the criters in. No sale on the land they paid their taxes last week.
  7. theoldman

    Diablo Build Update (pics)

    Yes Kenny i am from Clermont, and do clame dman
  8. theoldman

    Diablo Build Update (pics)

    Dman look who just got in the old man
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