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  1. springer1981

    STE/ICE connector

    Having been an admin to a very large forum, I know first hand it's a thankless job and you can never make everyone happy. I only threw in my 2 cents because the guy only has 2 posts in 5 years and they are both in this thread. I hope he becomes a more active member and this is just the start...
  2. springer1981

    STE/ICE connector

    Are you planning to ignore the moderator post just above yours? :recovry4x4: LOL
  3. springer1981

    Q: Can I mount a rear winch with this bumper and retain the receiver?

    The cable might come out just below the receiver and possibly clear if the ball and mount were removed but it would limit your cable angle to down only. It would not be all that useable IMO. I had the same hitch but have no intention of towing anything so I removed it and went back to just the...
  4. springer1981

    This fell off my starter - do I need a new starter?

    I'm a fan of OEM rebuilt locally but I'd also by a OEM take off before any rebuilt at a auto parts store. I don't trust them anymore from years of experience.
  5. springer1981

    M1114 4l80e problems

    Do you have this manual yet?
  6. springer1981


    Looks like Chrome and Edge have added more features to make everyone's life harder LOL. Try right clicking the link and select "Save link as". That should do it for you. This should work on a PC, not sure about phone.
  7. springer1981


    Welcome. You need to start off with some TM's and wiring diagrams, etc. I've accumulated a lot of documentation and put a single file download in my signature that includes TM's and all kinds of stuff. One of the TM's says Wiring at the end and at the end of it are a bunch of wiring diagrams...
  8. springer1981

    This fell off my starter - do I need a new starter?

    There is a used one on epay for a reasonable price. And another one waiting for bids ..
  9. springer1981

    Lots of Questions about 4L80E Swaps

    That all depends on what you have in place now. What engine, transmission and transfer case do you have and what are you changing to? Serpentine or v-belts? I believe there are different engine harnesses depending on the engine and transmission combination. There are even some combinations...
  10. springer1981

    Ludicrous Speed DECAL for speedometer

    You mean not available until you take it to a local printer. Order a regular one and go find a printer. Get 100 made and sell them. However instead of "Ludicrous Speed" consider changing it to "We Die like Men"
  11. springer1981

    Tachometer acting wacky

    First what model HMMWV do you have? Some Tachs are run by a tach drive in the back of the engine while others are hooked up to the alternator.
  12. springer1981

    No wonder I lost brake line pressure today

    Brakes... Who needs them? They just slow you down!
  13. springer1981

    Need a sample Humvee VIN number.

    I think your last sentence is wrong. It should read "So now we have countless agencies in 50 states full of morons". Carry on.
  14. springer1981

    Rear composite to LED conversion

    I think I understand your question. You purchased only the light and not the light mounting bucket that makes up the back of the light. I thought you meant the bucket that mounts to the fenders but in this case the bucket is actually the rear of the light housing. In the brochure it shows...
  15. springer1981

    4l80e head scratcher.. need help

    Where you already have everything on your truck for the stock TCM and wiring it's hard to suggest going a different route. A full aftermarket TCM and wiring harness for your transmission would cost $750. I have personal experience with the Quick4 TCM and like it a lot. If you are handy at all...
  16. springer1981

    4l80e head scratcher.. need help

    I don't have first hand knowledge on the TCM but in general that type of intermittent issue is probably in the power circuit or some wiring. The TCM can go bad but if it intermittently works that is likely a wiring. Also any time the transmission loses control signals the default is 2nd gear...
  17. springer1981

    Need a sample Humvee VIN number.

    Californistan is completely different than the US. Good luck.
  18. springer1981

    Need help understanding all the Humvee tire choices

    The run flats also supply a bead lock. The stock rims don't have regular beads on them so if you remove the run flat you need to get aftermarket bead locks (large PVC spacer) so the beads will seal. A tube won't work for that. Here is the bead lock
  19. springer1981

    A/C Help needed

    I would recommend taking it to someone that does AC work. It's not hard to work on but you should really know what you are doing as the refrigerant is particularly bad for you.
  20. springer1981

    M998 Electrical Issue

    That's what the TM's are for. Here's where you can find them. If you plan on keeping this truck, you are going to need to know how to use them. Seems like a good time to start.
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