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  1. msgjd

    Inquiry on "rating"

    Both my M880 and M890 have the ribbed HD rear axle housing , Neither of the W200's I owned had a ribbed rear axle, but they had helper springs.. You posted a bunch of good data, I no longer have any W200 manuals thus don't recall their load rating
  2. msgjd

    Inquiry on "rating"

    as you may have noticed, the M880-series doesn't have overload springs, but other dodges of that era sometimes do
  3. msgjd

    Inquiry on "rating"

    well I can give you my 2 cents as owning a M880 and M890 for many years and also seeing them haul (some ungodly bulky loads and trailer loads) in the military when they were new .. It is my understanding that although the rear axles share the same model number, the M's supposedly have a...
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