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  1. WillWagner

    Cummins PT pump Diagnostics

    The FSOV's used on the midrange engines, especially the older one, I forget if it was the Trombetta that was replaces with Synchro Start or the other way around, did have a tendency burn up coils. SOMEWHERE here there resistance values posted for them. When it shuts off, take a resistance...
  2. WillWagner

    Cummins PT pump Diagnostics

    AND, what the attached does not mention, IF you think you have a pump/engine issue, divide the system in half, engine/truck, by ELIMINATING the chassis. If the engine runs/accelerates fine with a line directly from the engine into a clean bucket of go juice, the issue is on the chassis. Keep in...
  3. WillWagner

    Cummins PT pump Diagnostics

    This applies to basically ALL Cummins PT pumps, AFC or non AFC. If the pump you are working on does not have an AFC....non turbocharged engine....skip over the parts that relate to AFC operation. Thanks Simp, good find! And, this is directly from the Cummins troubleshooting steps.
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