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  1. Mullaney

    New to me M35A3, suggestions needed

    . That was a LOT of water for sure! Hope she can come back to life...
  2. Mullaney

    New to me M35A3, suggestions needed

    . It's going to be a lot of labor, but with enough time it can be brought back from the dead. Yes sir, every gearbox in that vehicle is going to still have water in it. Water that has "soured" and is going to smell awful when the oil drains out and the water floods into your drain pan. Every...
  3. Mullaney

    New to me M35A3, suggestions needed

    . Congratulations on your new hobby and new-to-you truck alconair07 ! The guys are right. Take your time. Read those really dry and boring books - and believe us - when we say will help keep you safe and "learn you" a lot of stuff that you need to know with a vehicle that large. New fluids...
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