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  1. 802dot1q

    Nhc250 valve injector overhead adjusting

    I just went though this procedure and thought I should post my $.02 and the process I used with very good results. 1. Forget the procedure in the 34 TM. Seriously. 2. Read Will's post #8 here. 3. Read Will's post #8 here again. Understand it. 4. Line up VS 1-6, VS 2-5 or VS 3-4. Doesn't...
  2. 802dot1q

    Nhc250 valve injector overhead adjusting

    I'm lost. According to Will above, A or 1-6 VS you should adjust cylinder #1 injector then valves? *The 34 has me adjusting injector #3 and valves on #5?
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