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    Charlotte NC Event

    Been 6 weeks since Tailwheel started this thread. Does anyone know him or why he hasn't responded to inquiries? Events are starting to book so some details would be nice.........
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    Charlotte NC Event

    Can you be a little more specific about the location? a few of my friends have MBs. M38s, M151s, Hummers, Deuces, Mules, Scout cars and the such that may be available depending on dates selected. We will look forward for more info.........Thanks for considering
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    Access to forums

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    Access to forums

    What do I need to do to gain access to Mess Hall and the two Munitions sections?
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    What Stupid Looks Like.....Every time I say "I'll never win this"....

    What an awesome piece of man-cave decoration!!!!!!
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    Joke of the Day

    What happened to the column?? It was great to have an occasional chuckle......
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    Beware of Govplanet!

    Florida AKM, you should have apologized, blamed it on Covid and Trump, and immediately made arrangements to go pick it up. LOL
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    Denton NC 2021

    I'm sure Gov. Roy Goober will nix that pandemic spreading event.
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    Any idea on what a White M2 is worth?

    Did anyone see what the halftrack brought today?
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    M3 Armor source

    Looking for the name and phone number of a source for M3 rear armor sections and your satisfaction with the price, shipping costs and quality? Thanks in advance.
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    NC Transportation Museum SALUTE THE TROOPS July 1-2, 2017

    The NC Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC is sponsoring a SALUTE THE TROOPS event July 1-2, 2017. A variety of military vehicles/equipment displays as well as Living History Camps (reenactors), the Centennial WW1 exhibit, train rides and area tours are scheduled. On July 1, the LETTERS FROM...
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    Denton NC Shirt Coin PreOrder 14-17 Apr 2016

    1 tan Adult XL
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    Contacting members

    How do I contact a member by email to follow up on a post he made several months ago? He has not posted anything since July. Thanks in advance.
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    Found Scout Car M3A1 How much is it worth?!!

    Stan, did you save the scout car? If not, can you send me the contact info as I am interested in it. Thanks in advance.
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