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    TM for PU-821/T, PU-822A/T power plant

    Moe1234 PM me your email address and the generator serial number,I will get it to you....
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    3 Phase to Single Phase Step Down Transformers

    Try this webpage, it explains it a little better:,current%20in%20the%20third%20line.
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    SHC-60 fun fact

    Did you know there is a spare glowplug hidden inside the unit? Screwed in the side of the breathable air inlet
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    Oil filter seal blowing out (MEP-016B)

    If you have pressure in the filter, recommend you look toward the oil pressure regulating valve...when that goes it over pressurizes the filter and blows the seals....
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    18k isuzu Drash Jenny

    This one?
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    Oddball Fischer Panda Military Generator DRASH Trailer

    No I managed to get my display working enough to get by...I was using string to replace the threaded fuel line actuator was not great but I got enough control to run a few kW for a couple of days....
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    Generator Costs - Actuals

    Do you have anything on the MEP-831A or 832A? Thanks in advance
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    Oddball Fischer Panda Military Generator DRASH Trailer

    'She who must be obeyed' rolled out of bed when the power went out and announced 'I ain't living like this, we need power'.....30 minutes later the Panda was running with a piece of string holding the fuel actuator open and a self tapping screw to secure the string...also use ride-on lawn mower...
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    Oddball Fischer Panda Military Generator DRASH Trailer

    I had one of those minus the trailer and ECU.... Bought it the week before the derecho weather hit....never did fully fix it but got it running enough with a piece of string and a wood screw, it ran a window hanger air conditioner, the fridge freezer, tv and lights and used heating oil to do...
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    Generator Costs - Actuals

    Yeah, I can enter the NSN but still see no price ... I am not so worried about the 'good deal', just interested in what was paid initially....Was talking to a guy that was using an ECU/Gen/Trailer to heat his kids play house...he paid $2700 for system....I know for fact that the system cost US...
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    Generator Costs - Actuals

    Does anyone know of a site where I can look up and see what Uncle Sam actually pays for these generators? We all see the second-hand price but I know the Gov pays much more....Interested to look up a couple of AMMPS and MEPs and see just how good of a deal they are... Thanks
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    Drash Heater Model D900

    I have the manual for that....PM me your email and I will send it to you....
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    Drash Heater Model D900

    You sure of the part number/Model ? They made a D1000, never seen a D900.... Just zoomed up your pics....D900 it is, I stand corrected.....I will do some digging...
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    SHC35 and SHC60 Battery

    The big thing with those heaters is they are indirect heat, I.E. they are not direct fired so there is no chance of CO and vent gas being pushed into the shelter.. That said the heat exchangers are around 90 - 95 % efficient The game changer is they are battery powered. Most bullet heaters...
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    Drash Genset ECU Trailer

    You are very kind.. You are exactly right, one of the side terminals from each battery is fed across to the NATO receptacle. No contact from the OP yet...
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    Drash Genset ECU Trailer

    It is not a DRASH, it is a Powersystems/HDT 35kW with an 8 ton ECU... I can help you with that, drop me a PM I have the battery diagram for you.. Cheers Poccur
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    Gen sets MEP need advice

    When grounding for long periods you should always try and think ahead. A week or two from now when you want to jump position that ground rod that was easy to drive when the ground is wet is set in concrete now the ground has dried out. We used to drive them at 45 degrees (or so) then you can use...
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    6068 John Deere engine smoking and down on power some times

    Does if have an auxilary fuel attachment? If so, switch to aux, run it from those pipes with known good fuel... problem remains then problem is further toward the engine...if problem goes away then it is on the fuel lines and pickup from tank... Had one similar way back in time, as i recall it...
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    AC Killowatts and AC amperes gauges on TMSS

    When your system was made those meters were purchased from: They can sell you replacements if you need. Regards Poccur
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    Zero Energy Trailer - Solar/Diesel hybrid - Know anything?

    You NSN has letters in it as well as numbers. My understanding is that is a format used when trying to enter a non-military item into the system. It is more like a local number that can be used to enter equipment in the Property Book. It is a work-around but it is not a full NSN so won't be in...
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