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    PLS is on the move GA to DC area

    The jeep has a manual transmission and it got pushed into reverse... Not park - automatics are for other people. The little jeep tried to resist for about a mile or two, but needless to say didn't even make itself known to the HEMTT. Only the white smoke boiling off the drivers rear tire...
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    PLS is on the move GA to DC area

    the full size version 10x10 M1074.
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    PLS is on the move GA to DC area

    Looks like I am going from north Georgia to Washington DC Area with the HEMTT PLS. (That should get a bunch of three letter agencies all stirred up.) I bought an MK18 rear unit months ago and couldn't get anybody to deliver it and was doing heavy maint on the PLS. Looks like it is back in...
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    Need a 6x6 Road Tractor in Central Florida

    Ok, I'll weigh into this. I have a 10x10 hemtt PLS M1074 with a CHU (cargo handling unit) with a crane and winch if it doesn't go as planned, which it will.. The PLS has a roll back with total lift capacity of 30 tons. It is made for 20 ft containers not 40s. I think I can get it to a hard...
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    What have you done to your HEMTT/PLS/MK48 this week

    Welcome to the "Having fun with hydraulics" club... I did a lot of replacement of hoses on my crane. It was amazing to me that a very small dripping leak would kill the hydraulics of the given system. The winch has several hard lines and flex Links that can bleed off pressure. Especially...
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    What have you done to your HEMTT/PLS/MK48 this week

    How NOT to start your military vehicle Collection So this is effectively my first post here and I haven't taken the time yet to document my full story; so I guess I will make this an informal introduction and a starting point for the story. To provide a quick summary, I bought 2, yes 2 HEMTT...
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