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    is there a "FOR SALE" forum?

    I was looking for something pinned... if I missed it, my bad and thank you
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    Dodge 318 to 360 Swap Questions

    why not just swap the 360 head have them done and enlarge the exhaust valves to 2.02" then drop on a new intake and 4bbl carb... build I'm following says it dynos right at 300hp... that is double the stock 318
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    Fuel tank sending unit assembly

    yeah i know bad link thought they were there but then they werent... damnit
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    Fuel tank sending unit assembly

    I bit that bullet today. been the weak point of my 880... not knowing is half the battle... yes I know GI Joe, but pessimism exist...
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    M880 Picture Thread

    my truck up above I would consider selling. just under 60k. i bought it and drive it every day. was wanting to do a Cummins swap but I dont know if i want to undo the 42 years of military history I have here and the "donor truck" I have found I would just drive it as is no swap needed...
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    Fuel tank sending unit assembly,1977,w200+pickup,5.2l+318cid+v8,1100743 not sure if this place is a good one just one I came across. appears to me the the sending unit they "show" is actually incorrect
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    M880 Picture Thread

    just got it home today. From NW Nebraska. I know the paint ait right but only 56k on it and it runs strong. more to come. *edit* not sure whats happening but it keeps flipping my pix...
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