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  1. sailor2000

    Military Museum of Texas visit

    Those are all the pics I took... I could have stayed and looked at the green iron all day but the 3 yr old I had in tow was getting pretty fidgety... there are more pics on the site I posted the link to, plus there is at least one member here who is a sponsor at the museum who migh be able to...
  2. sailor2000

    Military Museum of Texas visit

    Now there is an offer I can't refuse!! LOL!!! By the way, I forgot to mention, Ken is the taller one in the picture... ;-)
  3. sailor2000

    Military Museum of Texas visit

    Just back from my first visit to the Military Museum of Texas in Houston. What a cool place... and as a bonus, my tour guide was Ken from Steelsoldiers! The pictures don't do it justice... and if you have the MV disease (and if you are reading this you...
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