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  1. BobM

    Hummer Ambulance

    Yeah, I admit I've gotten old and soft. We now tool around in a Tahoe with all the amenities. We have a TDI Beetle, but on most long trips it stays safe and sound in it's garage. In the old days I drove non air conditioned, manual trans things like Isuzu P'up diesels and the like coast to coast...
  2. BobM

    Hummer Ambulance

    Yeah I loved the 1008 we had. I still had the other farm with plenty of room to play back then. I had acquired an OD tranny, T case and axles to make it faster, but some idiot offered me over 5K for it ( I paid $535!) and I decided to flip it. But that's when the prices got really high and I...
  3. BobM

    Hummer Ambulance

    The wife and I are getting OLD. Been thinking about getting something with a cot/bed for naps (Remember OLD) and an emergency toilet like a cassette toilet (Still related to the OLD thing mixed with two lane roads in Nevada, Utah, etc) Noticed that hummers are being sold now, and I'm interested...
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