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  1. chucky

    My first multifuel?

    When i saw faraday on the box i thought it was an EMP detector / alarm just on the faraday cage thing !
  2. chucky

    My first multifuel?

    Unless your planing on putting 30 k of weight on the truck itself i would go about an inch past the u bolts on that rear suspension and cut the additional anti flex/spring stiffener on both sides of the u bolt so the leaf springs can travel and WAY improve your ride comfort !
  3. chucky

    My first multifuel?

    There are differences in brands of 15/40 and most any weight oils . If you really dig into engine manufactures guidelines for that specific engine the oils have different additives and when you look on your oil you are using on the jug will be a circle and 2 letter ratings like sp ,sn, sm and...
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