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    Power Driven Diesel Air Filter Restrictive?

    Thanks Garrett. I will give that a try.

    Power Driven Diesel Air Filter Restrictive?

    Based on some information I saw on a YouTube video about the benefits of installing the "Dust Bowl" PDD air filter, I decided to try it out. Completely stock 1971 M35A2. IP is still sealed with the lead tags. After installing I went for a spin on my usual route. I immediately noticed on the...

    Deuce Hood Lift Kit Availability

    I ordered a hood lift kit from Jonathan and had it at my door with a couple days. Was impressed with the quality of the materials and the fabrication work. Took about an hour to install (would have been a little faster if Soldier B was there to hold the bolts that went through the firewall)...

    Added fuel shutoff

    I thought a runaway was caused by the engine drawing crankcase oil mist through the breather or past worn rings or worn turbo seals and running on this scavenged oil? Not saying that an additional fuel shut off is a bad idea, but thinking that it will stop a true runaway condition is...

    Lets see pictures of your stereo/speaker set up in a deuce

    I installed a AN/VIC-3 Amplifier with two Full Function Crew Station control boxes. The Bose crewman headsets are pretty comfortable on a long drive and have a noise cancelling feature powered by a separate AA battery. I can have a normal voice level conversation with my passenger or listen to...

    M48A1 Engine Running Again This video is a little better quality shot last year of the 1790 idling in order to warm up the 16 gallons of oil prior to an oil change. The restoration of the M48A1 has been slow due to competing demands but the power pack should be re-installed...

    TB 43-0209, 29 Oct 76, Camouflage Painting of Military Vehicles

    Hard to find manual with MERDC paint patterns.

    I won a 934A1 last week.

    I hope you go camping with strong friends. Have you tried expanding the sides yet? It takes 3 men and a boy to crank the sides out, stand on the spring loaded floor, hold up the roof panel, and then close all the latches. I can't think of a more unpractical RV.

    what do you pull behind your 5 ton tractor?

    Tow a USMC M50A1 Ontos. Shot right after we arrived at Tower Park, Apr 2014.
  10. MCTNKR

    What have you done WITH your wrecker this week?

    "not to mention that you shouldn't really run the crane at anything above an idle - even though there is a remote throttle by the controls so I'm thinking more like a few $'s per hr" Not exactly sure which model medium wrecker that is being referred to, but my M936A1 Operators Manual states that...
  11. MCTNKR

    What have you done WITH your wrecker this week?

    Towed a British TMV APC on to a M870 Trailer. The TMV has a broken right lower ball joint so I had to lift it before dragging it on to the trailer.
  12. MCTNKR

    Spades mounts on M936

    Really great modification that motivated me to do something similar on my truck.
  13. MCTNKR

    TM 9-1005-209-50 Maxon Quad 50 Mount

    As used in the M16A1 Half-Track
  14. MCTNKR

    Zenith Model 29 Service Manual

    Carb service for Z-29 found on Scout Cars/M8/M20/others
  15. MCTNKR

    USMC M936 Detroit Locker Problem

    Thanks Gents. Spoke to another SS member who is knowledgeable on these trucks and he also believed that (a) the truck was driven with a loose axle shaft which hogged out the bolt holes, and (b) the differential is working as designed. So I will change out the damaged hub and remove the rear...
  16. MCTNKR

    USMC M936 Detroit Locker Problem

    I have an ex-USMC M936 so am I correct that it should be equipped with Detroit NoSLIP differentials? My problem is that the middle axle tires are scuffing and that when observing the middle axle tires in a sharp turn you can see that the axle hub binds and release as it rotates. This was...
  17. MCTNKR

    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    M936 Hoist Malfunction I was using my M936 to re-position a 10,000 pound vehicle (XM-759 Marginal Terrain Vehicle) in the USMC Mechanized Museum. Once gently swung into position I was unable to lower the tackle block using the hoist control. It made all the right noises but would not go up or...
  18. MCTNKR

    What have you done WITH your wrecker this week?

    Towed a 1945 Seagrave Fire Engine. Towed a 1945 Seagrave Fire Engine.
  19. MCTNKR

    Tm 9-1731c

    Accessories for Tank Engine Model GAA V-8
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