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  1. LT67

    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    The worn out 6.2 has been pulled out...
  2. LT67

    Need an aftermarket fuel filter for my M1009. Recommendations?

    Just swap in a fuel filter set up from a Duramax truck
  3. LT67

    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    The mech went to swap the cam in the Vortec 350 and the front bearing looked a lil suspect. We decided to play it safe and put in new cam bearings. The rod and main bearings were good to go. I'm getting anxious to get the Vortec swapped in... *i decided to swap in the same hydraulic roller cam...
  4. LT67

    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    It was the last ride for the ole worn out 6.2 diesel. Drove it down to the shop to drop it off. When it comes back it'll have a Vortec 350 in it. * When I bought the 86' M1008 in June 2018, I knew I was eventually going to have to swap out the engine. I can't complain, I got 5yrs out of the ole...
  5. LT67

    Puddle of coolant under my bellhousing

    Had that issue years ago. When it warmed up it started to drip coolant. Turned out to be a freeze plug..
  6. LT67

    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    I don't drive my 85' M1008 as much as I used to. Only a handful of times each month. The 86 M1008 aka the 💩box gets driven at least twice a week to run errands. On that note I looked at a Vortech 350 to swap into the 86' M1008. The ole 6.2 is losing more compression and it needs to be replaced...
  7. LT67

    Help me plan - better highway capability

    Regardless of whatever you do, a 255 85r16 will easily fit the stock wheels. Depending on which brand of mud tire, they are all minimum 33in tall and 10in wide. I run that size on my 86 M1008 and my 79' K20 flatbed truck. I luv em. Great on the highway and killer traction off road when they are...
  8. LT67

    Continued Fuel system issues

    ^^what he said..
  9. LT67

    Which brand to use for a M1009 master brake cylinder?

    Order a master cylinder for a 1984 M1009 And avoid parts from Autozone and Advanced Auto parts... they sell the cheap low quality stuff Napa and O'Reilly has decent parts
  10. LT67

    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    No repairs lol, but both of mine got put to work on Monday. The 85' M1008 in the background had tractor towing duty while the 86' M1008 had junk hauling duty
  11. LT67

    Camo paint with white rims look good?

    Considering I have mismatching body panels on my 86 M1008, I thought about painting the wheels red or orange lol
  12. LT67

    Vortec 5.7 4L80E Swap in M1008

    I'll go back to a single alternator and battery on a 350.... and the truck has already been converted to 12 volt. I'll just need the brackets for the existing AC system
  13. LT67

    Vortec 5.7 4L80E Swap in M1008

    Let's revive an old thread lol.. The 6.2 in my 86 M1008 has seen better days. It's losing compression fast... not sure how much longer it'll last. As of now I'm leaning towards a TBI or a Vortec L31 with a Holley Sniper. Just depends on the cost... I use the 86 M1008 quite often, so I need to...
  14. LT67

    New Banks Sidewinder Kit

    Only 4k?🙄
  15. LT67

    New to me M1008

    The OEM balancers tend to come apart when the rubber dries out. When that happens, your crankshaft goes with it... Yes it should be covered in the TM's
  16. LT67

    New to me M1008

    I put the Dorman oem style balancers on both of my 6.2's. They work just fine...
  17. LT67

    New to me M1008

    If you plan on keeping the 6.2 diesel, swap a new harmonic balancer on it ASAP. Your existing unit may look okay, but don't trust a 35yr old balancer with dried out rubber. That is a known weak spot in these engines
  18. LT67

    Sm465 swap questions

    I have the SM465 in my 79' K20 with a 406sbc. If I'm towing my tractor, I have to wind it up to 3500-4000rpm in 1st and 2nd gear to get it going. If it's normal driving I shift at 2500-3000 rpm. I wouldn't recommend that with the 6.2 diesel *the turbo 400 and 4:56 gears in the CUCV trucks is a...
  19. LT67

    Sm465 swap questions

    I would recommend sticking with the turbo 400. The ole 6.2 diesel ain't gonna like that 1st to 2nd gear change....
  20. LT67

    M1009 to M1008 differential gear ratio swap

    With a 37in tall tire yes. Anything smaller may be stretching it...
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