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  1. ColdMike

    Air over hydraulic brakes on Case MW24C

    Thanks bud. I'll check and let you know. I suppose I could drain the air tank and see if I can push it in neutral to tell if it's air. And if it is air I'll start by digging around the pedals.
  2. ColdMike

    Air over hydraulic brakes on Case MW24C

    Are you saying that maybe the pedals (or what's beneath them) might not be returning all the way so some air pressure is still flowing to the air/hydraulic actuator?
  3. ColdMike

    Air over hydraulic brakes on Case MW24C

    Hey all, I just picked up a front end loader, a 1984 CASE MW34C, renewed in 2009. The brakes started smoking 20 minutes into my first drive (as I drove out of the mechanics shop that was supposed to get it in working order). The entire time the brakes were applied, no wonder I could only go...
  4. ColdMike

    Skytrak 6000m attachments

    I have a Skytrak or Sky Trak 6000m. I want to put a quick attach conversion on it so I can use rental grapple buckets or other attachments. Anyone have experiance with this? I'm not familiar with hydraulic flows and pressures, do you see any redflags using a grapple bucket with the OEM...
  5. ColdMike

    Frequency problems on mep804b

    Hey all, thanks for sharing so much knowledge on here. I've been reading for a couple months but this is my first post! My MEP804b runs well below 60hz, it will register smooth 55-58hz. When I adjust the frequency up to 60hz the engine struggles and freq drops to 55 or lower. If I continue to...
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