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  1. joeypushjr1

    I finally got a mule.

    Wow Scott good times. When my truck is back on road I'm comming over to check this puppy out.
  2. joeypushjr1

    Most dangerous wheel barrow, part 1

    what are yall going to do with it scotty, or is dad going to keep it at his house
  3. joeypushjr1

    "Let It Be Light" - Backup Lights

    too funny. recovryrofl
  4. joeypushjr1

    look at this find

    ok check it out i was on ebay today and seen this.. this guy claims he dont know much about these trucks so one of yall might be able to get it cheap.. he close to me .. so i could possiabley lok at it for someone if need be .. but looks solid... oooopps sorry guys.. problem solved.. my bad...
  5. joeypushjr1

    Will 31 Gal tank fit in M1009

    wow 40 gals. at 3.10$ thats a 124.00$ fill up better be worth it. i put a 30 in mine that extra 10 gals what you expecting for max miles out of 40..
  6. joeypushjr1

    My new deuce

    very nice looking rig good snag
  7. joeypushjr1

    Alliance, Ohio MV Show June 18,19,20

    hey scott on you last post....nopics LOLOLOL hehehe
  8. joeypushjr1

    Pics of my redone M1009 before and after

    so what filter can did you use on that snorkel
  9. joeypushjr1

    Anyone seen one of these?

    the deuces ive been in in the corp had those not all of them .. but a good deal of them .
  10. joeypushjr1

    top end tapping

    kip PM sent
  11. joeypushjr1

    top end tapping

    **** not at all what i was hopping to hear but expected. i think ima look into it this weekend. hope its not too bad. really dont want to dump alot of mony into fixing it. dont have it to begin with and really dont have a second truck at moment to drive. guess i best start looking. thanx guys.
  12. joeypushjr1

    top end tapping

    dont have a oil pressure guage on it... and havent really looked at the color other then on dipstick.. im thinking about drainning it any way . would water make it tap like that
  13. joeypushjr1

    top end tapping

    ok i went to this place in hio here called yankee lake . its an of road mud hole and shuch.. well twards the end of the night my 1009 blazer bogged out and stopped.couldnt start it let it sit a while and it started up. but now she burns oil and has a nasty clicking like the valve are chattering...
  14. joeypushjr1

    Replacing the Windshield

    ok i dont know what you paied for the cab . but think about this. a couple yrs back i had a 89 chevy blazer i had to get window for and brand new and installed at a window place it was like somehting like 190$ out the door. your paying for this cab and going to do as much as you can then take it...
  15. joeypushjr1

    Equipment Violations

    what ever happened to not talking politics in threads.. boy this went further then it should long as you keep up with your vehicles . your fine.. case closed thanx warren for the post
  16. joeypushjr1

    Another gear thread

    3.73 will do better as far as an all around highway and off road. better tourqe if you ask me but thats what im installing. it my 2cents
  17. joeypushjr1

    HELP! Dipstick Stuck?

    wow this thread sooo went off into left field. wow:funny:
  18. joeypushjr1

    Deuce Security

    its not the bast pic but i made this e break lock with 1/8 inch L bracket welded to 1" 5/8 unistrut. installed galvinised 1/2 chain. ... when i cut the chain down to size i went threw an entire 4 inch cut off wheel you aint cutting this easy. then all you need is a lock of some sort. wrap the...
  19. joeypushjr1

    what do you think

    blown fuse huh? that would explain my slow starting when it was cold out. .. so you wanna get rid of that 1008 you have lol.. i like how it sits. looks mean
  20. joeypushjr1

    what do you think

    ahhhh i was wondedring when id find you on here george. hows it doing . now that its warm it should be starting up real good. lol
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