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  1. frenchman


    hello wanted to correctin my last post about the curtain i should of say splash curtain for the front of the carrier frenchman
  2. frenchman


    hello ho boy you do such a good job congradulation labor of love for the gama goat i know and been there that winch look outstanding and dont forget some parts are avalible at red river parts talk to blake he has n.o.s curtain for the front of the carrier it realy dress up the goat frenchman
  3. frenchman

    Wiper Motor

    wiper motor hello for n.o.s wiper motor for the goat check ebay item#173053828351 i think it is what you need also this seller has lot's of gama goat parts listed check it out hope this help frenchman
  4. frenchman

    Goat in tropical QLD

    hello if you need a transfer case for your goat red river is the place to get it i got mine from them you need to talk to blake only is #is 903 5472226 they got them in the crate hope this help frenchman
  5. frenchman

    Electric winch on goat?

    hello hard to get stuck with a goat and if you do you should of been there in the 1st place but it sure look good with an original winch in front of the goat i installed one on mine frenchman
  6. frenchman

    WSUCougarx's M561 Gama Goat Acquisition and Build Thread

    hello a very very nice job on that gama goat i know i done one myself mine is the one you have the picture of the cab interior at the bigening of your thread with the 151a2 grab handle good luck with your goat i love mine frenchman
  7. frenchman

    Working On The M561 Gama Goat

    hello cover that goat or it will turn white and get eat up by the sun frenchman
  8. frenchman

    Working On The M561 Gama Goat

    do not take any short cut on the break do it right the 1st time other wise you will have to go back to it and dont forget to remove the 2 rubber washer with a small hole in it on the side of the master cylinder leave the spring and metal washer inside that will prevent wheel lock up it happen...
  9. frenchman

    phone number

    hello did some one ever get a phone number from alan, the man that was working for jack tomblin in utah? that guy has his own yard now with lot's of surplus stuff. several months ago he was showing some aerial photo of his place. i can not find the post anymore so if someone has his number could...
  10. frenchman

    Goat treasure found in Oklahoma

    i store the jumper cables some tool and the truss kit in a wooden foot looker in the back of the trailer right under the folding tray i have a foot locker on both side tight fit but it will go frenchman p.s a complete truss kit complete make a nice display worth having pay around 300 for mine
  11. frenchman

    Gama gama hey!

    just to let you know i remouved the 2 small rubber washer in my master cylinder on my goat that will prevent the wheels from locking up the hole in the washer are to small and prevent the fluid from returning fast enough to the mc easy to do disconect one line at the time on the side of the mc...
  12. frenchman

    cold start gamma goat

    the relay is little below the starter to the right frenchman
  13. frenchman

    EFS Surplus yard In Grantsville, Utah, 20 minutes from Jack Tomlins old yard..

    sorry biker bill i dont have his phone number anymore it was a cell and probably no longer in service back then i meet him in town and we drove to his place other wise you could never find this place frenchman
  14. frenchman

    EFS Surplus yard In Grantsville, Utah, 20 minutes from Jack Tomlins old yard..

    well couple years ago went to that place and bought seven gama got tire from alain price was right if you plan on going there and spent the day be prepared with water and food nothing around the small town is not to close look like the yard got biger with more truck since i was there frenchman
  15. frenchman


    hello i use regular ear plug and regular head set frenchman
  16. frenchman

    Gama Goat Restoration

    make sure both of you two fuel filters are full to top that will save you battery and starter frenchman
  17. frenchman

    Anybody have Mighty Mite Pictures?

    my question above may be for frank or rod since they been around mite thank you frenchman
  18. frenchman

    Gama Goat Restoration

    thank you i gess you know blake he will do it right for you i have nothing bad to said about him all good frenchman
  19. frenchman

    Anybody have Mighty Mite Pictures?

    hello like to know if someone ever saw a mighty mite towing a m7/8/9 hand cart this would be similar to the WWII M3A4 hand cart anytime after 1947 thank you frenchman
  20. frenchman

    Gama Goat Restoration

    if you need parts for gama goat give blake a call at red river parts in texas he may be able to help you frenchman
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