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  1. HanksDeuce

    Deuce Rough Terrain Limitations

    With all the gear on my bobbed deuce it still weighs 13,040 lb on the certified scales at work. The (5) 53" tires and tool box with recovery gear bring the weight back that was lost from cutting off about 3 ft of frame length and removing the back axle setup. I never looked into the weight...
  2. HanksDeuce

    Cummins 6BT to Allison

    My receipt from a local starter shop indicates my 6BT with AT545 starter as part # 6582N. This replacement starter was installed in March of 2017 after the great flood of 2016 in Louisiana killed my original starter. My starter is bolted up on the passenger side of the bellhousing. See pics...
  3. HanksDeuce

    HanksDeuce: 8" Lift, Bobbed, External Cage, A/C and more Project!

    Yes sir, I'm very happy with my Warn winch so far. I've used it for a few gardening demo jobs, and I pulled a few vehicles out with it too. I highly recommend it if you can't run a PTO winch. When I repowered with the Cummins 6BT and AT545, the PTO on the Allison tranny is on the wrong side...
  4. HanksDeuce

    HanksDeuce: 8" Lift, Bobbed, External Cage, A/C and more Project!

    On 12/04/22 I removed a few small logs from my mom's pond per her request. I borrowed skidding tongs from my buddy John. Easy work for me and the 24v 18,000 lb rated Warn electric winch mounted on my bobbed deuce. Pics and more info can be found here:
  5. HanksDeuce

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2022 - October VOTE HERE!

    Win or lose, thank you for your support. Not everybody likes a bobbed deuce, but there's a lot of hard work in this build.
  6. HanksDeuce

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2022 - October VOTE HERE!

    Still trying to sneak out a win for my first ever SS MV of the Month here. I appreciate the votes thus far! Below are (2) timeslips from where I took my bobber to the dragstrip. Bet I got fuzzytoaster beat. LOL.
  7. HanksDeuce

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2022 - October VOTE HERE!

    Definitely is the Twin Peaks in Baton Rouge off Siegen Lane. I can guess with almost 100% certainty that none of those females are still there. The pics were taken in 2015, and they were all "getting a college degree". I bet they are all doctors now. LOL. I'm up for a MV takeover of Twin...
  8. HanksDeuce

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2022 - October VOTE HERE!

    Here's a few more pics as requested. No sun tan lotion bottles were harmed in the process. Just a few more votes in my favor and we will surpass the fuzzy little kitchen appliance.
  9. HanksDeuce

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2022 - October VOTE HERE!

    I purchased my M35A2 in March 2011 from a member on this site that lived in Georgia. It had already been singled out and the hubs were flipped. From 2011 to 2016, I modified this M35A2 to my liking. I bobbed it back in 2012 with sky crane help from local member Tim. Waterloo Specialties...
  10. HanksDeuce

    October 2022 MV of the Month

    Here's my bobbed M35A2.
  11. HanksDeuce

    Where to buy tire and wheel?

    Here you go:
  12. HanksDeuce

    M923 Fuel shut down solenoid

    I'm not sure if it will help in this case, but I was able to ditch the fuel shut down solenoid on my Cummins 6BT by flipping the bracket 180 degrees and use a push-pull cable into the cab of my bobbed deuce...
  13. HanksDeuce

    My deuce caught on fire

    I'm glad you were able to put that fire out and save your deuce. I don't have that flame heater on my Cummins 6BT swap. No grid heater either. A rechargeable 10 lb ABC fire extinguisher can be purchased at Lowe's for $80 + tax. I have one in each vehicle, and a few in my house / shop. It's...
  14. HanksDeuce

    I too followed jeep sinker on the cummins 12v swap in my deuce.

    I have both 12V and 24V systems in my bobbed deuce with a Cummins 6BT engine. I kept all of the factory 24V items in tact, and I only needed 12V for things like the A/C system, Autometer gauges, USB chargers, and fan clutch. A good Vanner equalizer will take care of any 12V needs. More info...
  15. HanksDeuce

    Less than 18 months and under 1,000 miles my axle boots failed.

    I've had the same black silicone axle boots since 2012 on my bobbed deuce after installing the disc brake kit. No issues.
  16. HanksDeuce


    Here's my hydroboost install page: The high pressure line from your power steering pump goes into the hydroboost unit. Then high pressure comes out and goes to the steering rack. Then you have (2) low pressure lines that tee back to the...
  17. HanksDeuce

    cummins 12 valve project

    Now's a good time (if you haven't done it already) to fix the "Killer Dowel Pin" on that 12V. Here's how I fixed mine:
  18. HanksDeuce

    HanksDeuce: 8" Lift, Bobbed, External Cage, A/C and more Project!

    I have 53" Michelins and can't get above 55 mph because the AT545 doesn't have a lockup converter or overdrive. If your tires are smaller than 53", you will be slower than 55 mph. That's just how the gearing falls out (tire size, ring/pinion, transmission, etc.). I like the automatic in...
  19. HanksDeuce

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    I have 3/8" reinforced clear tubing vented to a bracket over my shoulder next to the driver seat for the front/rear axles and transfer case that each terminate at a clear fuel filter. I also have a 3/8" vent on the fuel tank to a bracket on the spare tire rack behind the cab. These mods were...
  20. HanksDeuce

    Hurricane Ida - Deep Water Rescue

    I called St. George Fire Department today in Baton Rouge and volunteered for deep water rescue. I told them to call me if they need any help. These are the folks that I worked with back in the flood of 2016. Back then I had a Fire Fighter supervisor in the front with a hand held radio, and a...
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