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  1. King

    M35A3 battery box help

    Thank you.
  2. King

    M35A3 battery box help

    Ok so some individuals have indicated there may be two versions of the plastic battery box on an M35A3, I currently do not have access to my truck to measure the box. Here is what I do know: NSN 6160014072852 PN 12368320 (I do not know if that is for the metal or plastic). The measurement for...
  3. King

    M35A3 battery box help

    Looking for civi replacements, and I have a hook I just needed to see how big I could go with the battery displacement (size) , then I would focus on CCA. Thank you for the link
  4. King

    M35A3 battery box help

    Can someone give me the dimensions of the battery box? Looking for options at the battery shop. Thank you
  5. King

    1968 Deuce, new owner - new member

    Kevin, welcome! I once resided in Corinth, great place to live. Once you select the right forum to post your question, ensure to include as much information about which truck you have to avoid confusion, there are several versions. Pictures are highly desirable on this site, so the more...
  6. King

    Quote for Transport M35 and trailer from Ft. Littleton PA to Skiatook Oklahoma.

    Yes it is drivable, but it has some quirks. Time frame is open, but I need it relocated by November. The original plan was to drive it back during daylight hours, in November but my back and other issues are preventing me from that long of a duration in the driver seat....
  7. King

    Quote for Transport M35 and trailer from Ft. Littleton PA to Skiatook Oklahoma.

    I an looking for transport of a running M35A3 and attached 105A3 trailer from Fort Littleton Pa (17223) to Skiatook Oklahoma (74070). The truck runs but I am unable to drive it back to OK.
  8. King

    Moving to Oklahoma and I want to take my M35 and trailer.

    That sounds great, how much notice will you need?
  9. King

    Moving to Oklahoma and I want to take my M35 and trailer.

    I just need to explore all of my options, thank you for the recommendation.
  10. King

    Moving to Oklahoma and I want to take my M35 and trailer.

    I am considering a transportation company move my M35A3 with the 105, it runs great but that is a really long drive. Pick up location would be Haymarket Virginia or zip 20137 and drop off would be Zip 74070 Skiatook Oklahoma. Aprox 1200 miles, timing is currently open but it will be this year...
  11. King

    Choosing Between M923A1 and M923A2

    Hey neighbor, after you are settled, lets have a cold beverage to celebrate the iron sickness we both suffer :) Old Bust Head Brewery is just up the street.....
  12. King

    Greetings from Va

    Greetings neighbor.
  13. King

    Daily Deuce

    All I remember about Virginia Beach, is a sign that said "Dogs & Sailors, Stay off the Grass" No AC and there was a Pig farm across the road from my Navy A school, windows were open to allow the cool breeze and flies into the classroom. :) Good luck with your truck, maybe I will see you at...
  14. King

    Daily Deuce

    That is an interesting list, do you know which model (A1,A2,A3). 8 mpg does not make a good daily driver, unless you only drive a block to work:) What part of VA?
  15. King

    EAST COAST RUN 3rd thru 9th?

    I'm not a mechanic, but if you have issues near D.C. I will be available until the 7th.
  16. King

    New guy from OK

    Welcome to the site, what part of OK are you in?
  17. King

    Beverage in Va or WDC area peeps

    Anyone interested in an adult beverage at old bust head on Sunday, March 12, about 1300? Vint Hill is located out West (45min) of WDC off of I66 just past Gainesville, they also have a cold war museum and winery nearby. :beer:
  18. King

    Hood latch failure.

    I would be interested in seeing that, my A3 hood rubber latches will occasionally flip up after hitting a bump but fortunately I have never had the Hood flip up :)
  19. King

    F.N.G from Roanoke va.

    Welcome from Haymarket may have enough time to prepare for Graves Mountain event at the end of August :)
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