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    SHC35 and SHC60 Battery

    She's alive and cooking. Works like a champ.
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    SHC35 and SHC60 Battery

    Quick update from last night. Got back to work on the heater and restarted it to listen to the alarm code beep. Carefully counted 18 beeps, instead of the previous 16 I thought I heard. 18 means battery temp sensor fault. I just built the battery with the 5.7 ohm resistor so lets start there...
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    SHC35 and SHC60 Battery

    I just fired mine up and got a 16 beep code- Vent motor error. Looking that up now. Calls code 16 a vent blower. The two fans are called combustion air and heated air. Both appear tp be working. The heated air fan spins up about 5 seconds and shuts down with the 16 code. Any ideas?
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    SHC35 and SHC60 Battery

    As I have not yet fired my heater up, how would you compare the heat output to a standard diesel powered salamander heater of the same size? Just wondering how efficient that heat exchanger is. Something has to be crazy good to cost what these do new.
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    SHC35 and SHC60 Battery

    Well, I finally got around to building a battery for my 60 heater. Lots of great information here so I just got all the parts together and found a little time and banged it out. Used the 5.7 resister and added two fuses in line to the batteries. No heater was put back, don't need it in Texas...
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    Love em or not, here’s my MEP-1040 thread.

    I got my 1040 a few months ago from Albany and paid $4500 for it with 5 hours on the unit. Only issue was bad batteries.
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