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    Spindle assembly diagram

    Does anyone have a detailed photo of the gearbox spindle assembly and which way the spacers are supposed to face.
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    Helmet top install

    Thank you
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    Helmet top install

    How hard is it to install a helmet top on a ragtop m1123. Does it just bolt right on or do you have to switch out windshield frames etc
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    24v battery charging through NATO port

    So I have a m1123 and it has the 12v converter on the generator. this is more to maintain the batteries.On those noco 2 bank chargers. You would have to have disconnect the batteries to charge them up? Sent from my Pixel 6a using Tapatalk
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    24v battery charging through NATO port So I rather not pull the seat to charge the battery. Would this westward work with a NATO plug. Just cut the clips off and hook up the NATO plug correct?
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    Odd ball: Any ideas the purpose of this? Driver's side, under dash against tunnel

    Sent from my Pixel 6a using Tapatalk
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    Fuel bleeding

    Just wanted to thank everyone for the advice and tips. I ended up changing all the rubber lines to the tank and removed check valves. Also replaced the lift pump and dropped in a new filter. I used a semi truck hand prime pump to suck fuel into the fuel filter housing. That worked great. Then it...
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    Fuel bleeding

    It's 99 m1123. Will check for check valves and rubber on the lines on the back of the truck. Is there any harm in deleting the checks or just clean out or replace. All the lines fuel lines around the motor have been replaced within the last few months. Lastly I like that vacuum pump setup. Do...
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    Fuel bleeding

    The fuel was last filled up about 2 months ago. Filter done maybe a 3 months ago. Ran fine minus the cold leaks at pump at the time. Will try the pressure method 30psi too much?
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    Fuel bleeding

    I installed a new injector pump. I can't seem to get fuel to filter housing. I opened line a fuel pump and some fuel drips out. Tried back filling lines. Bleed screw is off on top of housing. Anyone have any tricks or tips.
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    Db2 injector pump electrical connectors

    Thanks I give it a look.
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    Db2 injector pump electrical connectors

    Drove it from New York to Nebraska thought it's just way it was.
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    Db2 injector pump electrical connectors

    So I got my pump rebuilt and I'm guessing the boots deteriorated when disassembled. Are these just the standard Packard connector or do I need something different. Thanks in advance
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    Oil filler neck removal

    I'll give us another go tomorrow. Tried pushing down on it earlier. Afraid I'm going to slip off it. Might try some Paracord and pull it down from underneath
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    Oil filler neck removal

    It's a m1123. Other question. So to remove serpentine belt. You put a 3/8 breaker bar on #7. The fan blade is perfectly aligned with that 3/8 hole and its too close. I even have a flat bar 3/8 for belts and it still can clear. Can engine be rotated from harmonic balancer or is a bolt going to...
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    Oil filler neck removal

    Trying to remove a leaky injection pump on a 6.5. I can't seem to get this neck off. Looks like you have to pull the pulley mounting plate off to be able to get the right clearance. Other issue is I'm having trouble finding the Tm for removal. I have only been able to find timing info
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    6.5 non turbo intake gasket

    Order a new set of intake gaskets from hummer parts guy and have a question about the silver cover. New gasket doesn't have it. Is this a problem or is it just a parts revision
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    Albany, NY to Omaha, ne in m1123

    I yeah my brother and I had a blast. The looks are pretty funny.
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    Shifter gasket rubber so its just the boot
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    Shifter gasket rubber

    Trying to rubber gasket that goes under the shifter plate. Are these available or do you have to diy
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