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    M37 transfer case

    Good info. Following
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    Antenna Trailer Project

    You need a m762.
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    CUCV II Brush guard Measurements

    How much difference in overall size is there between the CUCV grille guard and the CUCV II guard? I have a suburban with a Ramsey winch bumper and was thinking of using a CUCV guard but cutting the center section out and welding the two sides back at the same angle as the bumper.
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    M37 / M42 Rear Dual Wheel Project Completion w/Photos

    M715 with duals has been done. I've seen some pics. Listing around before. I'd bet it's easier to find m37 dual wheels than M715 lug pattern dual wheels.
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    M101A1 spare tire solutions or bracket?

    Is there any reasonable priced m37 style spare tire brackets available?
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    M101A1 spare tire solutions or bracket?

    What's everyone doing for a spare for your M101A1s? That is for those who aren't towing with an M37! I remember seeing years ago when a lot were being surplused that there was a lot with spare tire carriers mounted on the front outside of the bed. Are these available anywhere or do y'all have...
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    What should I pay for it?

    Ole girl has a lot of potential. The dent in the wheel well on the bed can be worked out. The winch bumper had the ends cut and folded back and that can be fixed back to original. These never had a grill just the grill guard. Hood originally had a blackout drive light where the fog light is...
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    What did you do to your trailer today.

    Painted this today. Sold it to a friend and finishing up the restoration. It's field drab.
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    Paint prep - which degreaser?

    I have already sanded. I just want to make sure that I get all the dust and any other contaminants off as it is sitting outside.
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    Paint prep - which degreaser?

    If you use purple power and rinse off do you paint after drying? Or are you doing another step before painting?
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    What exactly was done with this MSE modification? M101A2

    Post up picks of your trailer. It might help to id what was done to it.
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    2017 Denton NC MV Rally April 13, 14, 15th

    The Classic burned pretty much to the ground so I wouldn't expect them to be reopened by April. Other recommendations I have if you haven't tried them are: The Village, it's in Denton near the park and they have good meat and veg plates; Troutmans BBQ, on Hwy 109 just south of Denton and have...
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    DRIVESHAFTS IN CAB??? Lansing Michigan trucks Whats going on?

    Or it could be a thoughtful forklift operator pulling them so as not to bend them!
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    Wagoneer M715 hybrid?

    I saw the exact same link on another website sometime back. One of the persons that commented on that post there stated that they identified the engine, iirc, as a Toyota diesel and that the Jeep logos were just glued or epoxied to the Toyota valve cover. Also, again iirc, that some of the...
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    M 880 Facts

    Been awhile since I had originally started this thread. I was looking for this info today and ran across the list on the bottom. This is good info for folks who are new to the 880 series. Maybe this can be made into a sticky. Variants M880: Standard 4×4 pickup M881: M880 fitted with...
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    Landing leg crank

    I built a crank for my trailer out of scrap I had laying around this past week. Thanks to number9 for providing the dimensions!
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    Sad Days, Hats off, Beers up!

    I have been pleased with the settlements I have had from farm bureau. Glad you are ok!
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    M116A3 axle trade?

    Did you look at what I sent you? Looks like a good deal to me. I paid close to that for just an axle and a parts surge assembly. I'm not affiliated with the seller. Just thought it might help you out. If you want to I can pick it up. I would keep a check on Expedition Portal for somebody...
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    M101A2 first attempt at a build thread

    If the screws that hold the drum on don't want to come off then get an impact screwdriver. Like this: They are designed to be hit with a hammer. Work really good at getting those stuck screws out.
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    M116A3 axle trade?

    PM sent.
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