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    Cold snap on east coast

    -22 Here @ 7;00AM Spending quality time with my wood stoves today.
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    What have you Done To or With Your M880/890-series this week?

    Well I'm several months late on this reply, but: Yesterday (JAN 30, 2023) I loaded up the old girl with too many pounds of sand and spread it on several driveways. The poor thing is getting pretty moth-eaten, and the frame is sagging, she's addicted to ether for the first start every day, and is...
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    HEI Distributor conversion

    Finally got my act together last winter and made the conversion, what a difference. Used the info from your YouTube video, and it went easily and worked instantly after installation. Just now looking at my old posts and realized I never reported back.
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    HEI Distributor conversion

    There are several HEI (GM) distributor conversions for the Dodge 318 engine for sale from various places. Has anyone used one in an M880? That is a huge distributor cap, compared to the stock one, and I am wondering whether it would fit without modifying the firewall. I am sick of fighting...
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    fail-proofing full hydro steering

    Those rams don't lock on center, but whereever they are when the hydraulics fail, so if you blow a line you will continue to steer in the direction you were going when it happened.
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    Cutting Safety

    I rolled a fair sized goober down the back of my hand, INSIDE A CAST. Just stood there and waited to see if the padding in there was going to catch fire or not. Couldn't see dipping it in a bucket of water for no reason. No smoke, a little pain, and one more source of EXTREME ITCHING when the...
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    Fuel Pod on a M105a2

    My sister's husband drove a milk tanker for a while, trading off with his brother, four days off, four days on. His brother stopped at a railroad crossing one day, the partial load of milk sloshed forward and shoved him right into the side of a train. Nobody was hurt, and the truck wasn't badly...
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    Unknown Genset????

    One of my neighbors was asking if I knew anything about a genset he has. I have not seen it, but he copied the some information from the data plates. If I understand him correctly it has a single cylinder Deutz, air-cooled diesel engine. From the housing plate: MO 5KWCTMGSA SEL 5-900174...
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    power steering

    That was just about the first thing I did to my M882 after I got it. It's a night and aday difference, before and after. The fact that my manual box was just about bone dry didn't improve its perfomance either. What you need is a donor vehicle. Any civilian W-100 through W-300 with factory...
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    engine woes

    A long time ago I had a 56 Dodge half ton with the 230 engine (similar to, but not the same as the M37). I had the head off to replace the head gasket, and discovered that it had had some problems with a wrist pin, which had obviously been replaced before I bought it. There was a gouge in the...
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    Watch your hight!

    Back in the 1980's I cut a bunch of logs and got a local trucker to take them to a small mill to be sawed to build my house. The trucker was a French Canadian immigrant, whose English was adequate, but brief, and to the point. I rode with him to the mill, and as we went under a railroad...
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    Duals on the front?

    A friend of mine who served in Italy during WW II told of seeing trucks with duals on the front axle. In muddy going a man would stand on the running board and reach through the window to help the driver steer. Sounds like a real exciting job.
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    Need M880 key number!!

    Goodbrewing, I am in Rochester. Could you PM or email me, and I could give you a mailing address.
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    Need M880 key number!!

    Did anyone come up with a key code yet? I need either the code or a key, my key disappeared after my nephew's wedding in September, and I am going to need the truck pretty soon to plow snow.
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    M880 plow truck

    I have been plowing with a M882 for a two years now. It hasn't all been a bed of roses, see my previous post: but when it works right it is a snow pushing fool. I put power steering on it before I even got a plow. "Armstrong"...
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    Source for M886 leaf springs?

    I got mine from the local spring shop last winter. They had them right in stock.
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    need 77 M880 fuel tank sending unit and possibly fuel gauge

    RE: fuel sending unit I bought steel brake line and bent them myself. It was pretty easy, because I had the box off at the time. The ones under the cab were a little harder.
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    Where to get wiper link retainers?

    On my slip from my local Chrysler dealer: Part number/ description: 3799089 Bushing 23043008 $4.60 each four required. This was last fall, the price may have changed.
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    M882 making me crazy!!!

    Back in service!!! My M882 is back in service as of 4:30 this afternoon. The new radiator actually came yesterday, but I was otherwise occupied. My other truck puked its clutch about two driveways short of finishing up Sunday afternoon. Pushed the throwout bearing right through the fingers on...
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