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    thread on NHC 250 fuel lines

    Thanks for the replies helpful made new steel lines today. Was going to go with made up blue stripe thought maybe a problem with vapor lock not sure?
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    thread on NHC 250 fuel lines

    Sent out fuel pump today to get remanned there is a small line between the block and pump that is rusted as well as the steel lines feeding injectors. researched new lines of part numbers but no luck on small line. Feed lines were available but without picture. I remember seeing a thread where...
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    M816 (M809 Series) fuel pump drip

    Have an 816 with 250 cummins motor was rebuilt 1980. New pump was put on 8 years ago. The drip is located on the front of pump . there is one bolt at 8 o clock and another at 4 o clock and 1 allan bolt at 6 o clock . It only drips sometimes and not much maybe 4 ounces then it wont drip for...
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    M816 crane air clutch adjustment question

    Took apart clutch linkage from pedal to shaft on bell housing. Had to clean threads and clevis went to adjust free travel and noticed very little movement on throw out bearing shaft about 1/4 play took trans cover off noticed head of air chamber bolt was against throw out bearing shaft with no...
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    G177 Inner Tubes

    Purchased 12 g177 on rims with 80 to90% tread for $135 peace. The valve stems are cut so I need to find 11.00-20 tubes and remount. Any one with a source for these would appreciate info . They will not be here till Thursday called vendor he did not know if they were radial tires don't know...
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    What is a good Snatch block to use with a m818 and 20k PTO winch?

    Sportsman Guide had them for 5/8 cable ordered two great deal
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    816 power divider shaft

    Had time after draining crane drive power divider 2 quarts of water in drain bucket. Went and drained differentials ,transmission, transfer case 2 gallons of water. Good friend so we drained everything. Hoist motor was 50% water and gear oil swing box bone dry. Opened bottom drain of hydraulic...
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    816 power divider shaft

    Thankyou for replies had to wait today for parts for excavator went under cut shaft in half with sawzall took it down to power drive they welded 2 bolt yokes and balanced came home installed had metal caps on end must have been first model where seals go. Used PVC caps and RTV to seal assembled...
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    816 power divider shaft

    I think their job is retrofitting a hydraulic unit thanks for the reply.Im sure someone has taken one out without removing power divider. My other thought was cut it in the middle and bring it to machinist and make union in middle
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    816 power divider shaft

    Friend bought an 1971 816 the power divider shaft is one piece, mine has split shaft the TM shows the split shaft any advice to drop shaft out. Took out bolts on both velocity joints not enough play to remove shaft any advice would be appreciated have to replace boots and seals. Thanks Scott
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    Date for Sussex show

    Any date set Thanks
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    M543A2 wrecker joins the family

    Where did you get the data plates for the crane looked through this thread might need new glasses. Thanks Scott
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    Auction shipping from Ohio to New York from GL

    I am going to bid on some pumps GL has on auction from Ohio shipped to New York anyone with advise would be appreciated. Items will fit in a 6x6 foot crate. Thanks Scott
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    m816 Lube order question

    Separate fill spots
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    12 20 tires

    Was going to bid on these will they go on 11:20 rims with any problems. thanks
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    Red Ball Rally in Gilbert PA

    I have a 816 fuel tank if any one needs one needs slight repair on bottom where supports are let me know I will bring it to the show . Also looking for vise for front bumper.
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    My new M936A2 Wrecker

    Good Luck the adventure begins remember drop every fluid and refill pull all wheels down to bearings. Before you use the crane and winches load test to check cables and thimble sockets. You now have to answer the number one question when your at the pump filling up. WHAT THE **** ARE YOU GONNA...
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    tow straps how they work

    My friend gave me some tow slings they are several layers of strapping 1 1/2 about 20 foot long any one use one .Or is it in a TM somewhere thanks Scott
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    painting the exhaust

    I used Rustoleum barbeque paint flat back from the muffler up and held up great sanded pipes before painting.
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    5 ton hard top repair

    My top had quite of few small rust holes near the bottom left and right side also along top sides. We sanded and primed the bad spots brushed on a thin layer of Herculiner bed coating and applied the nylon mesh sheet rock tape. This dried overnight then applied two coats to the entire top four...
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