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  1. Hard Head

    Connected my MEP-803A the proper way as my home standby generator... Install pics...

    I have never had one walk around on a concrete pad but I used a stall mat from the local farm supply to make isolation pads to go under the skids I also used pieces between the skid and lift rings to remove the vibration rattle noise from them.
  2. Hard Head

    MEP 803a Pulse solar charger / dead batteries

    Get a 24v to 36v 100 watt solar panel and charge controller and mount it next to your unit and use it to charge the batteries. You can still use the exiting charger for desulfating. You may also want to check the diode on your alternator. Take your batteries in for a test or buy a tester. I...
  3. Hard Head

    MEP 803a Pulse solar charger / dead batteries

    They are really just desulfators. They only supply a few watts of power. I put a dual 10 amp battery charger in all the units I sold.
  4. Hard Head

    MEP-802A MEP-803A battery hold downs

    I just use the individual flap style terminal covers.
  5. Hard Head

    Turned away from camp grounds??

    They should be sued.
  6. Hard Head

    Ideas to quite down an mep 005

    In old days they hung tapestries in churches and castles to reduce sound reflections in a room. I have seen large moving blankets on walls and wool used the same way. Now you can buy modern scientifically designed sound panels that are designed by a team of engineers. I am an engineer, just...
  7. Hard Head

    Ideas to quite down an mep 005

    Since you have a hotel you probably have a lot of bad towels / linens. They make great sound absorbers for your generator room or any noisy place. You can use fire retardant materials to cover the frame also! See video.
  8. Hard Head

    Ideas to quite down an mep 005

    What about duplicating the ASK kit. Shouldn't be that hard to do if someone has some specs for one.
  9. Hard Head

    MEP-803a Painting Project

    I may have a couple gallon cans of the poly based CARC left in green. I know I have brown, black, and grey primer. It takes a gallon to put a light coat on an 803. I prefer a nice enamel paint instead with a slight sheen. Everything looks better with a little shine lol. Any bare spots use...
  10. Hard Head

    First MEP , fixed shaking Oil Pressure senor mounts and other mods

    I think I will raise my 803 a little more off the ground. It is only 4 inches now and I have to use a pan to catch the oil which means cleaning away the mulch to get it low enough. I will crane it out of the way an mound the dirt up more then put the Do you have a parts list for your fuel...
  11. Hard Head

    MEP-802A electrical output hookup

    I am stripping what is left of my 500mcm and 1000mcm cable to save for when copper goes up in price. I used 300 feet to connect a 400kva gen set to the distillery next door. Used my pickup to pull the cable thru the conduit! It was fun laying out the cable by myself to get ready for the...
  12. Hard Head

    MEP-803A no AC output

    Has he removed the front cover and looked at the tank / fuel pump? If the unit is working until prime is lost then there has to be a leak. Does the aux fuel system work?
  13. Hard Head

    Ultimate well nut repair

    I install bulkheads every day in rain barrels for my wife's store. We buy them by the hundreds. Same technique. Concrete wire with a loop on the bottom to prevent the bulkhead from coming off the wire. Use Permatex 80631 thread sealant with PTFE on your fuel tank bulkheads since it is fuel...
  14. Hard Head

    Ultimate well nut repair

    I get great service from these folks! I purchased 50 from them again this year. Installed 10 bulkheads Monday on 5 80X's. I made up a few pull wires using concrete reinforcement tie wire that I use. I also add a stainless oil drain pipe to hose barb adapter while I am at it. I will never...
  15. Hard Head

    Need help with a PO number for Steel purchase

    I purchased some steel round stock from Anniston Alabama back in 2014 and never got around to using it. Looks like a readable PO number. I hope it is Pyromet 355. Now that I have a project to use it in I need the Mill Cert to verify or I have to go out and buy more. Please PM me if you can...
  16. Hard Head

    MEP-802/803 fuel return improvements

    Never had an issue with aluminum alloy rivnuts. Aluminum is best to prevent galvanic corrosion. Use aluminum alloy bolts or high quality zinc plated steel to reduce galvanic corrosion. I get mine from a NASCAR supplier in Charlotte NC. I have installed over a thousand in MEP-80X generators...
  17. Hard Head

    The kloppk WiFi Module Thread 802A/803A

    I just hard wire in a pulsetec dual charger and keep it hooked up all the time. It works better than just solar as it will top off the batteries if needed and does constant conditioning 24 hrs a day unlike solar. I just mount it in the accessory box.
  18. Hard Head

    Question-will a 1100lb 803A operate successfully on a steel 1,400lb load garden cart? I have 2 sets of...
  19. Hard Head

    IronClad assurance on GovPlanet

    My old auto parts store warranty was 5 years, 5,000 miles, or 500 feet. Which ever one comes first. Just about as good :)
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