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  1. DREDnot

    M1165A1 Blower wont turn on - heat or a/c

    Here is the wiring diagram I've been using.
  2. DREDnot

    HMMWV Stability Concerns While Turning

    Yes definitely get a four wheel alignment. And check air pressures. The rocking at a stop is normal. Its because of the inboard mounting of the brake rotors. Everything outboard of the rotors...axle shafts twist like torsion springs, clearances and torsion in the geared hubs cause that rocking...
  3. DREDnot

    To get my HMMWV (M1097A2) in good running order... need help.

    The red reset button is behind the battery box under the B pillar cross brace. There is a space there that is protected from kicking by a plate at the front of the passenger rear footwell. You can remove that plate and see what all is in that space. Depending on your vehicle configuration there...
  4. DREDnot

    To get my HMMWV (M1097A2) in good running order... need help.

    Coolant issue...If the engine has been running a while and you have steaming coolant at the reservoir but the top radiator hose is not getting hot(temp gauge working? past middle?) then your thermostat may be stuck closed. I would replace it with OEM as part of a complete servicing anyhow. Then...
  5. DREDnot

    Replacing Exterior Bolts with Stainless

    Really a waste of money and stainless fasteners are much weaker than steel and you need to put anti-sieze on all the threads or they gall when tightened and tend to snap when you need to loosen or remove them. Dont do it.
  6. DREDnot

    M1167 A/C trouble shooting

    We noticed an issue with the 400A generator. When the engine is first started, the generator charges at the high side of the green arc. The measured output at the batteries is 28v. As the throttle is pressed slowly the gauge reads through and past the red arc. Voltage measured at the battery...
  7. DREDnot

    Fan Troubles

    First thing I would look at it the fan thermal switch by the thermostat. Unplug it and check for continuity cold. if its open (no continuity) when cold its bad. It shouldnt be open till the engine is near 230 degrees. That is what tells the fan control box to lock up the fan clutch. If it tests...
  8. DREDnot

    To get my HMMWV (M1097A2) in good running order... need help.

    The P/S system will be whining at the same time so make sure you keep that reservoir topped up as well so it doesnt suck air. Make sure there is ATF in the trans as well.
  9. DREDnot

    To get my HMMWV (M1097A2) in good running order... need help.

    Its very likely there is residual fluid in all the systems. Once all fluids are present start the truck with the radiator cap off and it will start to draw coolant into the system. Keep adding coolant to keep the tank at the full line so it doesn't gulp any air. When the thermostat opens you...
  10. DREDnot

    M1167 A/C trouble shooting

    Ok. That makes sense. How about this switch that I bypassed? What does it control and under what conditions? Im trying to figure out how the system functions but I've had no luck finding any documentation on this BAE(?) system. I see it has a thermocouple . Would this somehow cause...
  11. DREDnot

    ECV Humvee AC kit on a M1123/M998

    I'm planning on doing this on my M1123. I'm just going with the 2man passenger side condenser unit. Do you have a good set of dimensions to drill the six mounting holes in the top of the fender? I just want to drill them right the first time
  12. DREDnot

    Hard doors vs. soft doors opinions

    I've painted soft doors numerous times and haven't had problems. Hard doors look cool but at $4K for a set I like the soft doors better. I have both but I usually run soft in front and aluminum half doors in back. The X door glass is almost always shite. Yellow and delaminating . New was...
  13. DREDnot

    Is this all I need? M1097A2

    I finally got shimmied up under mine to get pics. That long line in your pic is correct but you need a separate hard line as well. Its 12 or so inches long and goes from that tee across to a bracket that the rubber end fitting of the pictured hose clips to... The long rubber hose then goes...
  14. DREDnot

    To get my HMMWV (M1097A2) in good running order... need help.

    Thats my 1998(2009 rebuid) M1123
  15. DREDnot

    Looking for Hood Hardware

    Despite what the parts manual lists, Mine was all 1/4-20 with washers and lock nuts. The large side holes on mine are capped with red plugs and not used to attach the grille. I think they get used to attach hood reinforcing panels they retrofitted on some units. The large holes for the front...
  16. DREDnot

    To get my HMMWV (M1097A2) in good running order... need help.

    First off...running the engine for any length of time with empty coolant and empty P/S fluid is BAD. #1 wait till there is coolant in the engine first. #2 Fan needs P/S system full to disengage. It operates in failsafe mode and turns on when something in the system fails or it shot up. #3...
  17. DREDnot

    Is my 1097A2 running hot?

    To answer your question, If your gauge is reading accurately 220 is normal. If you can run around all day and that needle stays right there you are fine. The fan switch ideally comes on at 230. and cools down from there. Normal cars do place "normal" in the center of the gauge...these arent...
  18. DREDnot

    Any help with plugs and smart box?

    Im gonna ask cause you are kinda vague and dont want to assume... Are you on the ohms scale on your multi meter? Did you touch one probe to the electrical terminal of the glow plug and one probe to the hex body of the glow plug? Making sure to scratch through to bare metal? Thats where you need...
  19. DREDnot

    Best Antifreeze/ coolant for M1165a

    If you cant find 50/50 premixed, Make sure to use distilled water to dilute to 50/50.
  20. DREDnot

    M1167 A/C trouble shooting

    Thanks for the info Steve! I bypassed the Temp Switch on the side of the front evap unit. It fired up the whole system! Started blowing cold air out of the rear evap unit. The front was only blowing ambient(85). I freed up the hot water valve there by the air filter canister but no change to...
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