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  1. antennaclimber

    Frayed wires on temperature sensor

    You need a WT3000 Coolant temp sensor. Some do come with the proper connector and pig tail.
  2. antennaclimber


    Friday was a great day at the show. Got to see many friends and picked up a few nice items.
  3. antennaclimber

    technical data for the bulb that is used as speedometer illumination - M1009 / Chevrolet Blazer K5 6,2 Diesel

    From the TM, it looks like that is a standard automotive 168 bulb. W5 W5W W W2.1×9.5d 1 6 V, 12 V, 24 V: 5 W ECE nominal luminous flux: 50 lm ±20% T10 size Old designation: W10/5 ANSI № 168 Info from the internet: W5W Bulb Equivalents The W5W has many crossover equivalents including...
  4. antennaclimber


    I plan on being there the 22nd.
  5. antennaclimber

    CUCV Instrument Cluster Repair

    The pictures are of an original GM circuit board.
  6. antennaclimber

    CUCV Instrument Cluster Repair

    Hopefully this will help you.
  7. antennaclimber


    Please list an asking price.
  8. antennaclimber

    Any recommendations for a place to get the mil spec vehicle wire?

    Try Waytek. Waytek Automotive Wire
  9. antennaclimber


    Ants can be terrifying, I remember watching this movie many moons ago. It does have lots of neat military items in it. THEM!
  10. antennaclimber

    Who restores cucv on the east coast

    I will 2nd that. Rick does great work!!
  11. antennaclimber

    Persistent belt squeal continues

    You may also want to verify that your glow plugs are not on all the time.
  12. antennaclimber

    HF radio in 1984 CUCV and RFI problem

    I found a low coolant circuit board that was making a terrible hash on the HF bands when it had power applied to it. Removed it and the hash was no longer present.
  13. antennaclimber

    1009 Build

    USA1 has no customer service. None at all. They simply take your money and then you will wait and wait and wait. The parts that I was lucky enough to get were good items. If you get them.... Their answer to the long delivery time is " If you don't want to wait, cancel the order and go...
  14. antennaclimber

    Glow Plug Solenoid

    Upper right hand corner of photo. Edit: Added the proper schematic diagram.
  15. antennaclimber

    Continued Fuel system issues

    I would directly supply fuel to the IP with a gravity feed source. Or, try using a known good fuel pump and feed the IP from that. This will test the IP to ensure that it is functioning correctly. If it does stay running, then test the electric fuel pump to ensure that it is delivering fuel to...
  16. antennaclimber

    Where to find a new glow plug solenoid and relay?

    I use these: Murcal Trombetta Relay
  17. antennaclimber

    M1010 Convoy Truck

    Finally had time to remove all of the interior metal from the ambulance compartment. Must of drilled out at least 100 rivets so far. Still have a long way to go!
  18. antennaclimber

    PA No title to a plate in PA

    Dave is right. I'm sure he has much more experience with obtaining vehicle titles than most of us.
  19. antennaclimber

    Another M1010 owner

    Thank you Sir!
  20. antennaclimber

    Another M1010 owner

    I will need some new rear door weather strip as well. Could you please post the McMaster P/N for the material you used? Thanks.
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