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  1. RGS20inophir

    DAF-YA-126 Recovery

    What "wind up thing" are you talking about? They're a gas. If you're getting the one that was in the classifieds, congrats! It looks like a good one. I don't recall what all is needed on the brakes or what can be adapted. Sent from my E6910 using Tapatalk
  2. RGS20inophir

    DAF-YA-126 Recovery

    My buddy still has the truck. He doesn't drive it because it blew a master cylinder seal and the parts are almost impossible to find. The death wobble turned out to be the tires. They were so out of round that it wasn't funny. We put new tires on and it turned into a really fun truck. Sent...
  3. RGS20inophir

    M818 transfer case needed in northern Kansas

    Background: I just drove the truck from Arizona to Kansas with 98Gs incredible help. When I picked up the truck it started to occasionally pop out of high range. Neutral, full stop, and it would re engage without grinding. I adjusted the linkage and tied up the handle. That worked until the...
  4. RGS20inophir

    M35 winch lever bracket bolt size.

    I just popped open the brake cylinder hatch to check with a socket, they're 5/8. Sent from my E6910 using Tapatalk
  5. RGS20inophir

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    The truck started the day as a faded green truck... It ended the day as a tan truck with 98G slapping most of the paint on the old beast. (It's younger than me... So I guess it isn't that old.) We used Colorpalace Premium matched to Rust-Oleum sand for easy touch-up. It will be interesting to...
  6. RGS20inophir

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2017 - Feburary VOTE HERE!

    I purchased my 87' M35A2C at auction in Utah along with the 72' M44A2 (530C) Firetruck. How that happened was an all too familiar story, I am sure. Basically, I threw in two bids on two truck that were marked "Inoperable, parts missing, tow away." I was reasonably sure that I wasn't going to...
  7. RGS20inophir

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2017 - Feburary VOTE HERE!

    I want to see more of this build... inquiring minds want to know WHY there is a 5T airbox on this beautiful truck.
  8. RGS20inophir

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2017 - Feburary VOTE HERE!

    Well,if we are pulling out the stops... this is the best vehicle commander I have ever had. If you don't love the puppers, you are just cold. It fired on the first bump.
  9. RGS20inophir

    Steel Soldiers MV of the month 2017 - Feburary VOTE HERE!

    I guess it is time to campaign!
  10. RGS20inophir

    MV of the Month February 2017

    Let's give this a try. Here is my 1987 M35A2C.
  11. RGS20inophir

    M1101 vs M101 hull weight

    Devious minds are thinking about cooking up an abomination of a project. The recipe includes: 1 part rolled Toyota Tacoma with a Total Chaos long travel kit/Deaver rears 1 part M35 cab, fenders, hood, and front clip 1 part M1101 or M101 hull. a dash of plasma cutting a jigger of welding and a...
  12. RGS20inophir

    Brakes and breaks. A tale of a trip cut short.

    Well, yesterday started as a normal day. The plan? To move the 530C that a coworker bought from me some time back. I had just finished putting a set of G177 from 98G on the truck, it looks fantastic and the ride quality in my tests around town proved to me that the truck handles and rides better...
  13. RGS20inophir

    Late Model USAF M35A2C Registry

    1987 M35A2C Wo/W 87K2000 1040-10063 Rustproofing tag of 05/87 Warranty tag date 87-05 One door says "729th Air Controls Squadron - Best in the Field", the other says "Libertas Vel Mors". Bought from a USFS auction in Utah as "inoperable, parts missing". Two batteries, a tube bender, a length...
  14. RGS20inophir

    From one border to the other in a deuce and m105

    I am in Socorro, let me know if you need anything while roaming through!
  15. RGS20inophir

    Allison M916 + Mk48 Cab = 6x6 "FEMTT"

    When is the FEMTT getting hyrail gear? :-P:drool: I know I have said it before... but your fabrication skills are second to none Soni. Awesome work.:not worthy:
  16. RGS20inophir

    Work on the baby HEMTT grinds to a start.

    Hey Jones! Any updates since I last saw it a couple of years ago??!!
  17. RGS20inophir

    New Mexico Rally??? April 13th 2013!

    Anyone able to make it?
  18. RGS20inophir

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    I installed a remote brake reservoir kit on the 72' and got the 54' running. WOOT!
  19. RGS20inophir

    Trailers that can be hauled by a M48/M275

    I have been thinking more and more about putting a 5th wheel plate back on the 54'. Obviously, since the truck has been stretched forward and aft of the bogie it is no longer a true M-45, and with the 5th wheel plate on it won't fit into the category of a M48 because of the stretched wheelbase...
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