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  1. ken

    M1009 Fan clutch question

    Yes it is a direct replacement. It is the original fan used on the civi models. I installed one on my M1028A1. It works very well.
  2. ken

    CUCV Arctic Grille Front

    Yes I still have the kit. It includes the rear cover as well.
  3. ken

    Replacing the CV Axles

    Losen the bolts before you lift the tire. If you need to. Jack up the tire and rotate it to reach the other bolts. Then lower it back to the ground to break them free. Then lift up the truck, remove the tire and finish up the job.
  4. ken

    Saw a HMMWV with mounted .50 cal driving in Orange, Texas?

    I've seen that growing up in Vidor. But they weren't driving MV's.
  5. ken

    Cucv roof rusted through

    Jason, there is a auto resto/custom shop on decker prairie close to the dentist office. Drive it there and see if they want to do it. If not there are a lot of auto restoration shops in Houston. This would be right up a resto shops alley. If that doesn’t work bring it to AZ it won’t rust any...
  6. ken

    Oil Flow Direction for Gauge

    Mike, according to diagram 2-35 in the GM 6.2 manual. The lower port is the pressure side to the cooler. And just a word of advice. Don’t restrict this flow in any way. You will starve the engine for COOLED oil. The diagram also shows there is a bypass valve on this line. In the Block. If the...
  7. ken

    Parade - pulling float...unplug fan control????

    Not so much for the engine, as you should do it for the tranny. Drawing air across the cooler at all times will help keep the tranny from warming up from the slow speeds.
  8. ken

    FM100 TOP LOAD filter?

    I've had a few 6.5's over the years. You will want to lube/grease the threads in the plastic ring. If not you will struggle to get it off when you need to replace the filter. Also lube/grease the lip where the plastic ring contacts the boss on the filter.
  9. ken

    Kinda got carried away..... M1028 rebuild

    Praying for you to have a speedy recovery Mike!!!!!
  10. ken

    Vibration issues

    Even though you have not shifted into four wheel drive, the front shaft will normally turn while driving. Although it will turn at a much slower speed. Check you front hubs to make sure they have disconnected. Even though the may be in the free position. Try turning the yoke at the front diff...
  11. ken

    Kinda got carried away..... M1028 rebuild

    Will there be enough clearance for the fan once you install the pulley spacer?
  12. ken

    Hummer 12 bolt beadlock ?

    I have used that method also. But I had them off in a few minutes by hammering a socket on them. The studs are still good so I can reuse them .
  13. ken

    Hummer 12 bolt beadlock ?

    Thanks, Those sockets are pretty pricey. Between $175 and $250. I ended up using a 19mm deep well impact socket from harbor freight. It was $3.99. I used a mini sledge hammer to drive it on. It was a pretty tight fit. Then a break over bar and got them off. Fastenal has the nuts in the...
  14. ken

    Hummer 12 bolt beadlock ?

    Ok after a couple of days of research I found out they are 3/4. The nut size 1/2-20 thread. Hope this helps anyone looking in the future
  15. ken

    Hummer 12 bolt beadlock ?

    I had to drag up this old thread because it was all I could find on the 5 point penta nuts. Does anyone know what size 5 point socket is needed on the old rims?
  16. ken

    All my lights stopped working except the light in the gauge area.

    Replace the 3 lever light switch. It's a common failure
  17. ken

    6.5 to 6.2 parts interchangeability?

    If the truck is stock it will have a 4L80 transmission behind the 6.5. Not a 700R4. NDT is correct the turbo heads for the hummer/van models have a different angle for the intake bolts. Along with a turbo mounting port on the block for the oil feed and return on the turbo. All other parts are...
  18. ken

    Brake pads & Brake rotor (Cross Reference Number)

    The rotors are BENDIX PRT5065. It uses the same rotors front and rear. The pads are ACDELCO 17D651M. It also uses the same pads front and rear.
  19. ken

    more electrical power out of a cucv system

    There are 24Volt inverters out there. I got a used one a few years back that is a 3000W. Its can easily run my 8000BTU window unit I have for the sliding rear window of my 1028. My window unit is only 850W. I wired it to the 24V buss on the firewall behind the batteries. I mounted the inverter...
  20. ken

    GEP 6.5NA replacement

    I have owned GM 6.2's and 6.5's since the late 1980's. I have gotten over 200K on more than one 6.2. There are a few things to keep in mind on keeping them around a long time. First never overheat one. Install a 180deg thermostat. The originally came with 180's when first introduced. This...
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