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  1. BobM

    Hummer Ambulance

    Yeah, I admit I've gotten old and soft. We now tool around in a Tahoe with all the amenities. We have a TDI Beetle, but on most long trips it stays safe and sound in it's garage. In the old days I drove non air conditioned, manual trans things like Isuzu P'up diesels and the like coast to coast...
  2. BobM

    Hummer Ambulance

    Yeah I loved the 1008 we had. I still had the other farm with plenty of room to play back then. I had acquired an OD tranny, T case and axles to make it faster, but some idiot offered me over 5K for it ( I paid $535!) and I decided to flip it. But that's when the prices got really high and I...
  3. BobM

    Hummer Ambulance

    The wife and I are getting OLD. Been thinking about getting something with a cot/bed for naps (Remember OLD) and an emergency toilet like a cassette toilet (Still related to the OLD thing mixed with two lane roads in Nevada, Utah, etc) Noticed that hummers are being sold now, and I'm interested...
  4. BobM

    Lost my little book!

    I was given the wonderful opportunity to fly from west central Indiana to Phoenix to help my adult son drive a square body chevy (he bought sight unseen off Marketplace!). During the three day drive home I planted my little book of passwords somewhere! In there was my Steel Soldiers info. I had...
  5. BobM

    M1008 Bobbed?

    Man I bet that bucks like a bucking mule! :D
  6. BobM

    CUCV Build... Here We Go Again...

    [. I will likely see it today as I have to drop off some rally goods. If it's there and my memory is engaged, what pics would all y'all want? It's not shiny new anymore, it's probably had 80,000 miles put on it since completion. ANY! Feed our addictions! And, please, tell devilman that MOST...
  7. BobM

    M1007 - CUCV Suburban Clone Build Thread

    Back in my younger days, I'd be screaming at you to finish this. Nowadays, I'm a whole lot slower! But I'm one of the lurkers here who await your build with anticipation! Here is a pic of our old 6.2 'burb. I tried to load it direct, but had no luck.
  8. BobM

    M146 RV Conversion

    FIVE? Have I been reading this thread that long? I guess it was back when I had the '08. Wish I still had it.
  9. BobM

    M146 RV Conversion

    Looking even better. What is this, the second or third Georgia Rally for the Taj?
  10. BobM

    1984 Chevy D30 What did I get myself into?

    Have you got it started yet? We wish we still had our old truck.
  11. BobM

    M146 RV Conversion

    I didn't realize the religious connection to the crapper! :?
  12. BobM

    M1008 cranks but won't start unless I ...

    I have checked my glow plugs this way with no ill effect. did I just get lucky or is a matter of how long you leave them energized. -> to be clear I checked an old set of glow plugs this way, the new ACDelco 60s I installed straight out of the box NEVER ( IMHO ) check new glow plugs in this...
  13. BobM

    M146 RV Conversion

    Well, then he joins the rest of us. That is one great rig and this is a great thread. I am one of the arm-chair quarterbacks that has followed your build. Thanks for sharing it with us. :-D
  14. BobM

    M1008 cranks but won't start unless I ...

    I had some of your same problems with a civilian version of the 6.2. The previous owner had installed new glow plugs and they were shiny new. I tested the circuit like GPrez suggests and it tested fine. So I replaced the starter, all new battery cables filter ( a couple of times, just in case!)...
  15. BobM

    LSSV: 2005 Chevy Crew Cab, Fl to VA and back.

    So, did you take this to the Ga rally? Air conditioning! I could get into one of these. My old bones are liking comfort these days!
  16. BobM

    A Long Haul

    Great story. Glad you made it safe and sound. But where is the pic of the pretty lady? ;-)
  17. BobM

    M1008 Questions

    At least go look. Heck it's a ROADTRIP! But if you buy it, remember the trip home will be slower than your trip up. Those low gears keep your cruising speeds a little lower!:) I'm assuming you have already seen pics? If the body is in good shape you should be able to get your money back anytime...
  18. BobM

    Hi everyone from Wisconsin

    When I read your thread title, I thought you were only saying Hi to everyone from Wis!:) Hi back from west central Indiana.
  19. BobM

    My final m1028 project

    I HATE it when life interupts!:evil: Looks great.
  20. BobM

    M1007 - CUCV Suburban Clone Build Thread

    Hey those rusty pliers look just like mine! Looks like you are taking care of all the "little" things. I hate those little things. They always take the most time!:-)
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