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  1. lovebloodhounds

    No brakes

    I think the air assist has gone bad anyone near Nashville north Carolina can help be greatly appreciated
  2. lovebloodhounds

    lowboy hauler from Raleigh N.C. to Coshocton Ohio

    Need my m35a2 and a m332 trailer hauled from Raleigh N.C. to Coshocton Ohio can any one help thank u ken
  3. lovebloodhounds

    Help with oil change on 71 m35a2c

    Thank you all again for the info
  4. lovebloodhounds

    Help with oil change on 71 m35a2c

    thank you all for the information great bunch here
  5. lovebloodhounds

    Help with oil change on 71 m35a2c

    thank you brain very much good to here from you but im living back in raliegh now got closer to my kids hope all is good with you and your family call me some time 252- 343 2178
  6. lovebloodhounds

    Help with oil change on 71 m35a2c

    wondering how many gallons of oil it takes and the carquest numbers for filters plz thank you all Kenneth Nunnery
  7. lovebloodhounds

    M109 Trailer

    its about time old man
  8. lovebloodhounds

    2010 Spring Uwharrie Rally

    i hope to be there
  9. lovebloodhounds

    m37 for sale on craigs list

    Dan how much for truck
  10. lovebloodhounds

    These trucks never cease to amaze me.

    cab AMG i stil need a god cab for mine
  11. lovebloodhounds

    Info on who rebuilds turbos

    yep im hard on turbos. The side jod is booming and the deuce hasnt sat still long so i guess im to hard on the truck need to be alittle easier on it . thamk you Boatcarpenter for the info.
  12. lovebloodhounds

    Info on who rebuilds turbos

    I need info on who rebuilds a c turbo mine blow can anyone help. thank you kenneth
  13. lovebloodhounds

    Virginia Steel Soldiers Rally 2009

    I would love to go but i need a date or dates
  14. lovebloodhounds

    Need multifuel parts

    I need the exsuast pipe from manifold of a non turbo truck also the intake part to air cleaner . Thank you Kenneth
  15. lovebloodhounds

    eastern nc to eastern NC

    You pay the fuel and ill go get it. give me a pm
  16. lovebloodhounds

    Turbo blown

    my tubo blew up the other night nd here is whats left. As you can see for some reason it also tried to run away . Man tht oil smells bad . There is no oil in the water or water in the oil do you think the motor is ok. Thanks kenneth
  17. lovebloodhounds

    What branches of the military used the mule

    I was curious what branches used the mule also were there any strata blue mules? thanks Kenneth
  18. lovebloodhounds

    M200 trailer pick ups and Sat tire swaps

    it was fun a great day.
  19. lovebloodhounds

    Thanks AMGeneral

    Cabell and Brandon both are great and full of nolege my hates off to them.
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