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  1. Lothar

    Up-Armored doors?

    Seems like a fair price if fully functional.
  2. Lothar

    Disassemble geared hubs

    Agreed, if you can chuck it up, aim it downward, and spin it while heating with the torch it works even better.
  3. Lothar

    I guess it's time to get RE acquainted?

    Welcome back. I just bought a spot about an hour away. Haven't moved there yet but will get there eventually. See ya around someday.
  4. Lothar

    Camo paint with white rims look good?

    Seems like it would look odd to me but when it comes to personal satisfaction, who gives a shxt what others think. I'm pretty sure all the dorks around here with their foreign cars and loud lawnmower exhausts are thinking the same thing.
  5. Lothar

    Starter bolt broke

    While you may have missed the point in my diminishing the hot glue, you have demonstrated it perfectly.
  6. Lothar

    Pretty sure I got (not) scammed by a eBay seller from Japan selling radios

    Was hoping this post was forthcoming. Glad it worked out.
  7. Lothar

    Starter bolt broke

    If a solution has a long history of success, why pretend it doesn't? If something is too expensive but isn't really expensive at all, why pivot into calling it extra? When people offer advice to others that are asking, why try to trample the advice when theres nothing to gain? If a bolt is...
  8. Lothar

    Starter bolt broke

    I've used the same $40 set for more than 10 years. Hardly call that expensive. Have helped friends, neighbors, even a local mechanics shop with them. If you're going to drill out a broken bolt for use with an easy out, why not use a left hand bit? The heat from drilling combined with the correct...
  9. Lothar

    Starter bolt broke

    I've had good luck extracting broken bolts with lefthand drill bits.
  10. Lothar

    New member from central Arkansas

    Nice wheels, hope you get around to showing them off more. Welcome.
  11. Lothar

    So many questions. Interior resto
  12. Lothar

    Where to find inverted flare brake adapter for M115A1 slantback

    This had me rolling!🤣🤣😂
  13. Lothar

    Does anyone know where I can find the tailgate strap panel

    Is there a demand for these panels? (Obviously in addition to the OP need) Looks very easy to replicate and I am looking for things like this to produce.
  14. Lothar

    Is Powder Coat worth it?

    Both the paint and the powder coating will get chipped by rocks. Only the paint is easy to sand and touch up worn areas.
  15. Lothar


    Well, this will be playing in my head all day long. Thanks? I don't want a pickle.
  16. Lothar

    MV of the Month February 2023

    Gettin real interesting this month.
  17. Lothar

    Best Place to Buy Brake Pad For M998

    Napa part# UP-7531-M is what I use.
  18. Lothar


    Hagerty covered the repair and the bodywork alone was estimated at over $4k. So I bought a decent ac/dc tig welder and kept the change. After annealing, the panel was fairly easy to unpeel. Some dolly work, welding and more hammering and it will work just fine for me. A little wavy still but a...
  19. Lothar

    New member Alabama

    Welcome, love the truck. Looks museum ready. Hope you get around to sharing more about it and showing it off some.
  20. Lothar

    Hummer Ambulance

    Yes, you are crazy. I think you might find many of us here are. Theres some sort of undiscovered disorder that causes some humans to find any justification to substitute a MV for a perfectly good civilian vehicle that is more comfortable, easier to maintain/find a mechanic to work on, and...
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