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  1. ramtoughM880

    M880 in the Background

    This was a 'suggested' page to follow post on my Facespace timeline.
  2. ramtoughM880

    359th Trans Company Gun Trucks, Viet Nam

    Forgive me for reviving this, but I just found this fascinating thread this morning. First, thank you for posting it. I never knew these existed! I was born in 1975, and would have modelled the you know what out of these in my model building phase in the 80s. ;) Also, I have a question. Were...
  3. ramtoughM880

    M890 in Stripes?

    I wondered about that too. There was a crew cab 2wd Dually for sale locally a few years ago I wish I'd bought now. It was still Air Force blue and you could almost make out the faded lettering. Unfortunately, I was in a phase of 'if it ain't 4WD, it ain't (you know what)" and passed on it even...
  4. ramtoughM880

    M890 in Stripes?

    Good evening all! On a whim, I watched "Stripes" this afternoon. At the end, there is what appears to be an M890 on the tarmac. It looks like it might be painted Air Force Blue? What do you all think? v/r, jk
  5. ramtoughM880

    M880 Rear Tow Hooks?

    If you go to the main page for steelsoldiers, under the "Technical Manuals" at the top there is a category called "PS Magazine". It is a magazine issued by the Army, been published since the Korean Conflict. I usually sort them by cover art, then scroll through the years 1976-1983 or so...
  6. ramtoughM880

    M880 Rear Tow Hooks?

    I found this in the PS magazine archives while looking for something else. Maybe these brackets can be adapted to the back too, somehow?
  7. ramtoughM880

    work in progress.

    Looks great! What size and brand are the tires? That's the look I'm after. Thanks!
  8. ramtoughM880

    M880 and G838

    I wish there was more info on it. The site is actually for M151's (Vietnam era "jeep" 1/4 ton), so obviously the focus wasn't on the Dodge. ;)
  9. ramtoughM880

    M880 and G838

    Found this on a thread at Credit to gpready over there for the original post. I thought it had interesting tires from what I've normally seen. jk
  10. ramtoughM880

    Newb from SE MI w/ M880

    Hi MattL! Where in SE MI are you? I'm in Wayne. Would love to see the truck sometime. Still looking for one myself. Take care! jk
  11. ramtoughM880

    correct color 1976 m880

    I don't have any experience with them, but came across this website the other day looking at Jeep stuff. Looks like they do custom canvas work also. Nice truck. I'm a bit jealous. ;) Thanks! jk
  12. ramtoughM880

    Still useful after 70+ years!

    My work homepage ( had this on it this morning. Article is about an amphibious Jeep in India that was used to aid miners in a major flood. jk
  13. ramtoughM880

    Back in the day train car load

    Oh to go back! ;)
  14. ramtoughM880

    Halftracks at Thunder Over Michigan

    Here is the video. Hopefully it's not sideways- it's filmed on my Iphone.
  15. ramtoughM880

    Halftracks at Thunder Over Michigan

    And a couple more. I have a video of the .50- I'll see if it can upload.
  16. ramtoughM880

    Halftracks at Thunder Over Michigan

    Here are a couple more.
  17. ramtoughM880

    Halftracks at Thunder Over Michigan

    From the rumors flying around, the group at TOM was the largest gathering of halftracks in the US since WWII. There were 17 or 18 I counted. I'll try to get more pictures up later, here is one from the 'battle' in Downtown Belleville Friday evening. JK
  18. ramtoughM880

    Cool resource for MV's

    Well there ya go. I've never scrolled down that far. ;) Thanks for the tip! Jay
  19. ramtoughM880

    Cool resource for MV's

    The December 76 issue is mostly dedicated to the M880!
  20. ramtoughM880

    Cool resource for MV's

    Here's another cool one from the May '76 issue.
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