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  1. Weller

    California members

    If it was the same one that would be great! I could register my MVs in TX.
  2. Weller

    California members

    It's about 30 miles from the Caliente Post Office, I drive to Bakersfield (or Arvin) for gas.
  3. Weller

    Joined the club

    Welcome and thanks for posting pics, great looking M998! Looking forward to seeing photos from your adventures.
  4. Weller

    New member from Ireland.

    Welcome from California!
  5. Weller

    California members

    Emerald Mountain, CA in Kern County.
  6. Weller

    My MEP803A permanent install

    Looks great, thanks for sharing. The AUX tank will come in handy since you won't have to refuel in the rain.
  7. Weller

    New member from Charleston S.C.

    Welcome from California.
  8. Weller

    Legal issues driving on street with turret cupola

    Great looking vehicle, nothing on mine and all I get is waves.
  9. Weller

    Guided Missile Shop Equipment Shelter

    No numbers on either piece.
  10. Weller

    Guided Missile Shop Equipment Shelter

    One of my missile repair shops had a hole cut in it that was likely for an ecu or ac unit. With summer coming I got the grinder out and fitted a 1973 8000 btu ac unit I had lying around. I have to fabricate a frame to secure it in place. Found this 2 pieces while cleaning up, any idea of...
  11. Weller

    New guy From North Carolina

    Welcome from California!
  12. Weller

    How to tell if cable is copper or another metal?

    Thanks for all the replies, would be nice if it was longer but I'll probably use it, always something to be wired up. Good tip on the copper flame test and good mention on silver as I've had cables and silicone with silver in them before.
  13. Weller

    4x4 M105 bed cover

    That's looking great already.
  14. Weller

    Completely stumped. Will not cold start and put all new parts on it.

    While we're on the glow plugs topic, I've wondered if there was a numbering protocol or standard reference. For example, I consider the glow plug nearest me on the left side GP1 and on the opposite side GP8.
  15. Weller

    4x4 M105 bed cover

    For reference, here's what I used from the metal pile. 1st one is stock aluminum upright, 2nd is angle steel (72" long) from a king size bed frame. Stock at 1.24 and angle at 1.37 (say 1.4). Too tight to fit stock but 30 seconds with a grinder to the lower 18" gets er done. I already...
  16. Weller

    Need a hand. S-250 measurement

    Just went and measured mine, 78" front to rear and 75" side to side at the widest point.
  17. Weller

    4x4 M105 bed cover

    I may have reused them but I'll check my metal piles and post pics later today.
  18. Weller

    Singer JTIDS S250 Shelter Project

    Great, you are helping to solve the mystery. 24vdc blue led is what I'll put in. Will work well since shelter has a dedicated DC source.
  19. Weller

    4x4 M105 bed cover

    "What did you use (or have seen used or think would work)?" I didn't have uprights so started from scratch. I used a combination of wood and angle iron to make tight fitting uprights. Very solid. Did the same on the crossbars, bolting a crossbar to the corresponding left and right upright. I...
  20. Weller

    Singer JTIDS S250 Shelter Project

    I'm glad you mentioned that, I'll post a close up on the door switches, as I'd like to rewire them. Here it is rotated and close up, I'm not certain but looks as though it would work as an AC or DC switch.
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