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  1. Ditch Baby

    Cummins 5.9L in a Deuce?

    re-read that.... i said about 800 pounds lighter. weight of a cummins - Dodge Cummins Diesel Forum fat fingered that one on the phone... my truck has the 53 block, 145k on it, beat the dog piss...
  2. Ditch Baby

    Cummins 5.9L in a Deuce?

    you can put a p-pump from a 12v on a 24v making it all mechanical. watch out for the 54 blocks on the 24v. prone to cracking. also, the 5.9 weighs a significant amount less then the multi. ~800lbs lighter.
  3. Ditch Baby

    Hydro-Max Brake Assist *pics added* (long read)

    is there a spot on it for brake light switch?
  4. Ditch Baby

    Looking for metallurgist info.

    Was pondering this idea a while ago. I had thought about possibly using Heim's. Didnt search very hard, but i think the possibilities of finding one that was large enough isnt very great or cost effective. But like i said, didnt look very far. Another idea i had was using a Bulldog coupler...
  5. Ditch Baby

    Diy, cover your exhaust pipe

    I put on a flapper from TSC... and for me, it made it quieter in the cab.
  6. Ditch Baby

    ????FDC and Flame Heater already bypassed????

    is a flame heater just a fuel heater?
  7. Ditch Baby

    Deuce Junkpile

    look a little farther down page... also recomend looking around this site some more, very cool. Came across it looking for diesel fuel tanks :cookoo: The great tank & truck graveyard of Asmara, Eritrea
  8. Ditch Baby

    New 12 V mod for my Deuce & other stuff

    what kind of PA speaker is that?
  9. Ditch Baby

    Another Bobbed Deuce Project

    i want to see some off road pics with this air setup. want to know how it flexes vrs using front springs.
  10. Ditch Baby

    Hydraulic Conversion of PTO Winch

    how much can the A3 stuff be picked up for vrs selling the stock winch and going with an aftermarket winch rated at or more then 10k?
  11. Ditch Baby

    6 inch stacks on deuce

    go figure... mine didnt come with a bed... would have picked it up :???:
  12. Ditch Baby

    6 inch stacks on deuce

    that sounds amazing. try extending them up past the cab a little more maybe? i like the cut/look it has now
  13. Ditch Baby

    cost of ownership (the real cost of a deuce)

    Picked mine up for $1500 from a private owner. He used it as a septic truck. Has no bed on it. Does have a winch that works but needs a new cable. It was located about 45mins away, pulled it home with my Cummins on a gooseneck trailer. I have since put about another $1500 in it. Picked up an...
  14. Ditch Baby

    BlizzardX23's Deuce STOLEN and RECOVERED

    i used an universal ignition switch from the auto parts store that cuts off power to the starter button. While it could be bypassed, it keeps the average joe from just jumping in and taking off.
  15. Ditch Baby

    Warning on dogbone, torque rod failure.

    I was searching around for some other alternatives, been into the whole off roading scene since i was able to drive. The heim joints came into mind first. I have 8 of these Ballistic Joints on the control arms of my '99 2500 Ram Cummins (4 control arms, one on each end) Weldable Ballistic...
  16. Ditch Baby

    Warning on dogbone, torque rod failure.

    surprised there hasnt been any aftermarket/fabbed upgrades for these. they are so simple. couple heim style joints and some DOM. Done.
  17. Ditch Baby

    M35 Replacement alternator

    any technical differences in these alternators in discussion? they pumping out more power then the stockers?
  18. Ditch Baby

    Dual Circuit Brake Engineering Thread

    stumbled on this a while ago.
  19. Ditch Baby

    need a picture of the transfercase linkage

    You know... ever have one of those..... stupid moments? well i just had one, and now its public on the internets. I found the link... its hanging on the other end of the tase... where was i looking for this contraption of a linkage? on the transmission. where my old sprag stuff used to...
  20. Ditch Baby

    need a picture of the transfercase linkage

    Some how the whole linkage for the high and low shifter went MIA. It was there last week when i drove it.. and its never left the neighborhood... dont think it would just fall out. Pretty sure id hear the shifter slam the floor. Maybe somebody needed it more then me, no idea. anyway, i need...
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