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  1. sail-bum

    I have joined the CUCV crowd with an M880

    I am not sure why it has taken so long, but here is the rest of the story. The bed was shot, so I purchased a 1990 parts truck and swapped the beds. The power steering was also donated from the 1990 Dodge. The truck was stripped of I swear 20 layers of paint, and then received a new coat of...
  2. sail-bum

    An easy way to pickup a M832 Shelter dolly

    No I didn't, this one was taken just to prove that it would fit!
  3. sail-bum

    Wreckerman finds a pontoon bridge

    Also the one that I have is for sale, if anyone is interested in it to make a complete unit if one of these is no longer available. I am not trying to post here instead of classifieds, I am just letting you know that it is out there if needed.
  4. sail-bum

    M880 Dana 44 axle seal confusion

    Please trust me, I have looked everywhere but I can not find a reason or explanation. I am trying to figure out the inner bearing seals on my 1977 front axle, but I am not winning the battle. If I look at the TM's, there is a 3 piece seal consisting of a slinger, a wiper and a cup. In all of...
  5. sail-bum

    I have joined the CUCV crowd with an M880

    I just acquired a 1977 M880 truck, in the ever wonderful Forestry Dept red. The price was right, but the truck needs about everything. My wife already thinks I am nuts, I want to park my 2011 Dodge truck and drive this in winter!
  6. sail-bum

    M35a2 winching out a M818

    I love my winch truck, and things like this are why.
  7. sail-bum

    Cookout at Zout's

    I don't know what I did right, but my obligations have cancelled today so I will be there. Carpenter and I will be arriving in his CUCV in the early afternoon. PLEASE let me know what to bring, I did not plan on attending so I have no food prepared. PLEASE let me know what someone else forgot...
  8. sail-bum

    New CUCV Owner

    Nice truck, looks a little redneck with the 6" lift! Just kidding, Jake is a friend of mine and he REALLY likes his new truck, thanks for welcoming him guys.
  9. sail-bum

    57th Fighter Group Restaurant

    Made it home without an issue. Thanks for the idea TMNT, this was a nice event with good people.
  10. sail-bum

    Deuce possibly spotted in Gainesville/Flowery Branch, Ga area

    Swiss, I do store my Green Iron in your back yard! My toys are in Flowery Branch, and yesterday I took it home for this mornings breakfast at the 57th Fighter Group. Hope to see you there!
  11. sail-bum

    57th Fighter Group Restaurant

    I am pulling out of Sugar Hill around 8:00, picking up a co-pilot around 9:00 in Norcross, and I should be there early. I will be taking PIB (Peachtree Industrial Blvd) all the way down. If anybody needs anything, give me a call 678-230-5211.
  12. sail-bum

    57th Fighter Group Restaurant

    Sunday is better for me, I just noted that a few post up mentioned Saturday. It would not be the first time I arrived on the wrong day and had breakfast by myself.
  13. sail-bum

    57th Fighter Group Restaurant

    Is it the 11th or is it Saturday? According to my calendar the 11th is Sunday.
  14. sail-bum

    57th Fighter Group Restaurant

    As long as everything stays running right, count on one M35A2 W/W. I added the W/W in there for the extra parking room, I thought my pickup felt long!
  15. sail-bum

    57th Fighter Group Restaurant

    Count me in, good exercise for my truck. I haven't been there in years, we used to go there after work at least once every 2 weeks, always good.
  16. sail-bum

    Cookout at Zout's

    Finally, a clear spot in my calendar! I live less than an hour and a half from the GA rally and have to miss it every year, so finally I get to put faces with all of the SS names! I will try to get the wife to come along, but if not I will have her send along some of her famous baked goods...
  17. sail-bum

    Ft Stewart trailer pickup help

    I have an M796A1 Bolster trailer at Ft. Stewart that needs to be moved within 1 week, they are not being very forgiving on this. Do to my job I can not get down there until after the 16th, it has 2 flat tires out of 4. Is anyone in the area that can at least move it off base until I can...
  18. sail-bum

    M1022 anyone?

    I got lucky on the bolts, the tool box had 2 spares, not sure why but I am not complaining. Of course I did discover that the umbilical cord is missing, I knew things were going to well with it.
  19. sail-bum

    M1022 anyone?

    The one that is the most important, the lower bolts that hold it together when not in use. Square head, almost a foot long, there are only 2 on the unit and one of mine is broken.
  20. sail-bum

    M1022 anyone?

    Are you telling me you have not held onto any parts for years with no real use for them? Well, OK so normal people don't, but I have hope.
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