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  1. peecook

    My Build Thread: M909 Recreational Vehicle

    Great build. First time I've missed my old 109. Looks much better with the 923 cab.
  2. peecook

    Salvage Yard near Norfolk Virginia

    Welcome to VA. Nearest is in PA, there are a couple up there. You'll be close to the action with the auctions that come out of Portsmouth and Norfolk.
  3. peecook

    m923a2 new guy in virginia

    Welcome from Richmond.
  4. peecook

    Getting ready for road trip

    how did the recovery go?
  5. peecook

    m923a1 bed mounting - same for a Marine ISO bed?

    in case someone else searches this and for documentation, the Marine ISO bed DOES have different mounting points than the standard m923a1 bed.
  6. peecook

    m923a1 bed mounting - same for a Marine ISO bed?

    Hoping to switch a standard dropside a1 bed for a Marine ISO bed. Just wondering if anyone out there knows for sure if the m923 Marine ISO bed has the same mounting locations as an AM General m923a1?
  7. peecook

    PA to VA

  8. peecook

    PA to VA

    Looking for someone that is passing through PA (Delta PA 17314) to Richmond VA (or northern VA, Fredericksburg, or VA Beach). I have two bed sides from a M923 and a springer seat. PM me or text 804//922//3828. Thanks.
  9. peecook

    I've Had a Good Run...

    and a spare
  10. peecook

    Humvee IED Contact

    Nice work CK
  11. peecook

    Hello from amelia, va!

    I'm down the road from you, let me know if you need anything.
  12. peecook

    VA Fall Classic in Newport News VA

    How did this turn out? Any pics?
  13. peecook

    Thinking about a NC mountains rally

    I'd be interested. Just saw pictures from a m1009 and a 151 there last weekend. He camped out for a few days and said it was a great place.
  14. peecook

    Starting issues on a m923a1, looking for additional thoughts/suggestions

    I was hoping that it was the solenoid, since it sounds like an easier fix. But thinking through it now, the problem is pre solenoid, I'm not getting power to it on the control side.
  15. peecook

    Starting issues on a m923a1, looking for additional thoughts/suggestions

    Truck has been running fine, no issues with the starter clicking or anything longer than 3 seconds for the truck to start, until a week ago. Here's a list of what I've done and what I plan to do on Monday evening. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Batteries are less than 2 months old...
  16. peecook

    FL to VA (or NC) bumper extensions

    Wanted to see if anyone was making the trip from Florida up the east coast? Drop off points in ATL, Raleigh and Richmond are all good too. 4 pieces of metal, not very big but they are heavy. call or PM me. 804-922-382 eight. Jason
  17. peecook

    New PURest air dyer install on M923A2

    What were you replacing them with before this one?
  18. peecook

    ILAV- they don't build them like they use to

    brake test Force Protection Vehicle 60 mph Brake Stop - YouTube
  19. peecook

    HMMWV Eye Candy!

    great looking HMMWV
  20. peecook

    R.I.P.-- John Winslow

    i loved stopping by there and walking the field. great guy too.
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