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  1. AAVP7

    planning for overlanding tools/parts

    Yes, if you have one, that´s fine, of course. Overhere, most ratchet-and-socket-boxes only have 1/2" and 1/4" components, so nothing with a 3/8" square on them. With English not being my native language, sometimes I don´t know all the correct terms for tools and parts, so please bear with me, if...
  2. AAVP7

    planning for overlanding tools/parts

    I also always carry: - Spare Glowplugs and some Humvee-specific tools that might be needed: - 3/8" socket square (needed to open the plugs on the hubs to access the halfshaft bolt; without this no removal of broken halfshafts) - 3/8" socket (deep one) for glowplugs - Glowplug removal tool -...
  3. AAVP7

    M1167 A/C trouble shooting

    I´d focus on the front system initially. The compressor clutch circuit is quite simple. If you have 24 V at the blower switch, just check along the wire towards the compressor. All those switches have to be closed to activate the clutch. If you don´t get 24 V at the high pressure switch, one of...
  4. AAVP7

    Upper vs lower driver's mirror

    I had my driver´s side mirror in the lower position for a while on my M1045A2 slantback. Visibility is much better indeed. At intersections or roundabouts, you don´t have to wiggle around as much as before to check that huge blind spot at the 10 o´clock. So safety is markedly improved. But...
  5. AAVP7

    DWF exhaust pipe question

    OK, I sorted this. With a helper, it was no problem to first attach the exhaust flange to the muffler with the three bolts, and then push the two upper bolts into the rubber mounts on the body. Took a bit of a queeze by two lads to press the exhaust inwards enough to get the nuts on, but it...
  6. AAVP7

    M997A2 is now in my fleet

    LOL ! Not a coincidence, if you ask me..... :LOL: (y)
  7. AAVP7

    DWF exhaust pipe question

    That´s why I have doubts which version I have. When I press the exhaust tube against the flange on the muffler, it seems to be about an inch too far out, not two inches. I just want to make sure which version I have before I cut perhaps a perfectly OK non-armoured exhaust, just because the...
  8. AAVP7

    DWF exhaust pipe question

    Sorry to revive this old thread. In 2017, I bought a well-used (rusted) DWF exhaust. At that time, there were only early, unarmoured Humvees auctioned off, so I was completely sure to have the exhaust for the non-armoured trucks. Now recently, I wanted to finally fit the restored exhaust to my...
  9. AAVP7

    M997A2 is now in my fleet

    Here I am ! First, congrats to that M997A2 ! I can gladly help and provide you with pics and measurements. Problem is just that I am currently moving my whole collection from one garage to a new one, and at the moment the M997 is parked crammed to a wall with lots of stuff in front of it, so I...
  10. AAVP7

    My 4L80E trouble codes

    The very first error code you got, 22, points to the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS). Since this is a sensor external to the transmission, even a new transmission might still malfunction if this sensor was the culprit. The TPS sits on the right side of the injection pump. It can be diagnosed...
  11. AAVP7

    Ambulance accessory plug

    Oh, yes, maybe I didn´t make that clear. No chance to balance through the outlet. It seems to have three poles, but the two outer ones are connnected, with the center used for ground probably. So just +24 V and ground at that outlet.
  12. AAVP7

    Ambulance accessory plug

    The plug (and the outlet) are apparently made by a company called "Hubbell Wiring Device". They can be bought for example at RS electronics: I didn´t buy one of those, since my ambulance top came...
  13. AAVP7

    Ambulance accessory plug

    If I remember correctly, the two outlets in the ambulance rear compartment are fed by the fuse box at the bulkhead. I think they are fused with a 20 A fuse, but I´m sure if it was 20A each or 20 A for both of them. From the fuse box, they are connected directly to the 24V on the vehicle...
  14. AAVP7

    Replacing the E brake light in the dash

    I usually remove the light switch, then access is a bit easier.
  15. AAVP7

    Limp mode at Daytona Beach

    I´m also a bit too far away, but just in case maybe point your buddy to the 4L80 Troubleshooting Guide . One of the best manuals out there. Lots to read, but awesome info in there.
  16. AAVP7

    White or Blue smoke after it warms up?

    Another way to check the engine condition is to measure the crankcase pressure. The TMs show how to use a U-shaped manometer, but you can also just bend some clear tubing and tape it to something. Then fill it with water. The end of the tube is stuck with a cork into the oil dipstick tube. If I...
  17. AAVP7

    Transmission won’t shift from 1st

    The thing with the crack is an "EMI filter choke". If you look in the troubleshooting manual that was recommended above on page 138, the choke is in the schematic. Seems to be a filter between the 12 V relais and the "ignition feed" switched 12 V input to the TCM. So in theory, if the crack...
  18. AAVP7

    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    You mean that runflat ratchet thing ? I used that several times. Works nicely, and especially the "release" part is way more controlled than with a cargo strap ratchet. However, I found my runflat tool was bending under stress, so I welded an extra connection into the open end of the "U"-shaped...
  19. AAVP7

    M997A2 Compressor Connection

    In addition to Steve´s help: On the vehicle, there´s a wire loom running down the bulkhead behind the commander´s seat. This wire loom disappears into the underworld to the left of the commander´s left leg (together with the refrigerant lines). Underneath the Humvee, this wire loom should have...
  20. AAVP7

    Hummer Ambulance

    Sorry to chime in so late; I usually hang out in the HMMWV section. But as an M997 user for about a year now, I might offer some experiences here: First, using an M997 on the interstate should be OK, but you´re going to be the snail on the right hand lane. Besides the M997, I also have an A2...
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