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  1. WWinAK

    M1078 DMV HELL

    Still fighting with the DMV, would you be willing dm me or send me a pic of your registration ? It’s insane how difficult this hav become, you wouldn’t figure that here in Alaska there would be these kinds of issues!!!
  2. WWinAK

    New LMTV owner

    We’re you able to use the original serial number? I have yet to take up the fight again here myself but this week, that on the list to get done. The DMV has told me on more than one occasion there needs to be a different number.
  3. WWinAK

    M1078 DMV HELL

    DMV tells me that they don't have a mate code for Stewart and Stevenson in Alaska (none have ever been registered, don't believe that) If you did register yours would you PM me your plate number so I can try to get this insanity stopped and get this thing on the road? I am leaving to go get it...
  4. WWinAK

    M1078 DMV HELL

    Be it good or bad I decided to pick up a M1078 for myself at Christmas. Truck is currently titled in NJ and was used by a Police Department there. Tried to get it titled today at the local DMV office only to be told that it doesn’t have the 15 digit number an on highway vehicle needs to have...
  5. WWinAK

    M 1078 Road Trip

    Curious how your trip went, I bought a ‘97 And will be driving it from New Jersey to Arizona in January. Not ideal time of year for a road trip. Was hoping to gleen some more tips from another cross country vet.
  6. WWinAK

    New M1078 Owner with questions

    Thank you! Still learning my way around this awesome site 👍
  7. WWinAK

    New M1078 Owner with questions

    Who did you use for transport, how far and how much? I am looking at the logistics before purchase!
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