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  1. TheShaman

    Possible Transportation/ Pickup In Idaho?

    Much appreciated. Sage advise. While reviewing the service manual and remembering my days as a 78' Bronco Owner and working on Trucks from that era with my dad, belts have been on my mind as well. Everything overall looks really good. The one collective thing that kinda got me was that I came...
  2. TheShaman

    Possible Transportation/ Pickup In Idaho?

    The short version of my story is that I have located an M1009 that is in great condition and I have been working on the logistics specifically on how to get it from Boise, ID to anywhere near Baton Rouge, LA. I have been working with the seller since the moment I saw his listing and I have asked...
  3. TheShaman

    3D Printing - Have Been Honing My Skills: Open To Help

    I haven't visited SS in quite some time. Life Happens. Well.. fast forward to today and since my last visit to SS I have acquired several 3D Printers over the past several years and have gone from simple prints to extremely high-quality prints that require little to no post-processing. I have...
  4. TheShaman

    New Member Been Interesting in Ownership for some time now

    Trailboss, I really appreciate the invite. I actually would like to take you up on your offer to come out and visit as well as check out things in person. Trying to map out the next couple weeks/ months to see what my availability is. Also, have a buddy whom may be looking for a trailer in the...
  5. TheShaman

    New Member Been Interesting in Ownership for some time now

    Socommfg, Really appreciate you reaching out. Any chance you could send me some pics and further specs ont he AMG m923?
  6. TheShaman

    New Member Been Interesting in Ownership for some time now

    Just wanted to start off on the right foot with a first post. I have been a long time fan of Military Vehicles and have seriously been looking at 5 Tons, Deuce and a Half. My buddy just purchased his first UniMog and it will be in later this week. I had been on the active hunt for a M923A1...
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