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    M840 Year of Manufacture

    Trying to determine the year of manufacture on an M840 Shelter Dolly. I've found references from about 1966 - 1990 from tech manuals and other resources (some of these dates may be due to prior references of other items). The dolly needs to be registered and titled. Any experience with these...
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    Farr West, UT - Local Pickup and Short Term Storage

    Any contacts for local pickup and short term storage from GovPlanet location in Farr West, UT? I have a shelter and 2 smaller containers that need to be moved off site until I can transport. Thanks, firefinder
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    Tarp Hook, FMTV Bed Sides

    Anyone located a direct replacement for the tarp hooks (rope hook) on the bed sides of the FMTV? The OC distance between the mounting holes seems to be closer to 0.8", rather than the commonly available 0.5" or 1" products available at hardware stores. Also came up empty at McMaster and other...
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    LVS / Mk48 Tow Bar - How is it used?

    This might sound like a stupid question, but how is this LVS / Mk48 tow bar actually used? After talking with a HEMTT owner, we came to the conclusion the ~ 50" overall length of this tow bar seems short since the attachment points on the LVS / HEMTT cab are recessed from the front of the...
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    M1084A0 Crane Stalled

    I replaced some of the hoses on my M1084A0 Material Handling Crane. Lost about 2.5 gallons of hydraulic fluid during the hose replacement process. I was impatient and tested the system without refilling the reservoir. All systems worked fine until the boom extension and lift cylinders seem to...
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    FMTV Special Tools

    I purchased some FMTV special tools kits and listed the extras in the classifieds. After posting, I realized how often I search for information on special tools and thought it might be a good idea to start a thread to consolidate the information. Many of the special tools have dimensioned...
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    M1084A0 Crane - Wire Rope Specifications

    Anyone have specifications for the wire rope used on the M1084 Crane? Found the Grove Part Number 6-246-100130 and NSN 4010-01-480-2479 in the tech manuals. Neither Grove or the NSN resources list the specifications for this item. Unable to locate a specified length either. Thanks! firefinder
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    FMTV A0 Fuel / Water Separator Fuel Bowl Heater Info

    My M1084A0 fuel / water separator housing was leaking at the pump diaphragm and I replaced the housing. I noticed the water separator fuel bowl had a lot of debris. Closer inspection indicated the fuel bowl heater was broken and small particles were flaking off. TM 9-2320-366-24P-1...
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    Meritor’s independent suspension proposal for FMTV A2

    Found this on YouTube this afternoon. (Mods please delete if this is a repeat. None found in quick search.) Stay safe and stay in touch, firefinder
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    Belated Missouri Introduction

    Well, I should probably introduce myself properly. Joined SS a little over a year ago, bought an M931A2 and trailer, then proceeded to get some type of tick borne illness that left me out of commission and in a daze. I’m coming back to reality now and hopefully getting some “green machine”...
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