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  1. fireman5214

    Type of motor in Deuce

    Hello all, I tried to research what type of motor was in our 1977 American General M35A2. I know it is a 4-cylinder but we are looking to put fuel filters on the state forestry grant since this truck is owned by the forestry and on loan to us. We can put maintenance items on the grant. How...
  2. fireman5214

    M1028 & Rear Hitches

    Hello all, We are looking to put a rear hitch on the back of a former 1985 Chevy M1028. A Draw-Tite representative is asking the following questions. I know it is an 8 foot bed but how do I know if it has a deep drop bumper or not? I did not get to measure and see if the frame is 34 inches wide...
  3. fireman5214

    Where to find wheel seal?

    Hello everyone, we believe our deuce M35A2 has a seal leak on the drivers side front. We would also like to replace the rubber boot on both tires as they are ripped. (see pictures below) I have looked on the 9-2320-209-20P and I can't find exactly what I am looking for or I am looking in the...
  4. fireman5214

    M1028 & Deuce getting it done

    After Eastern Pa's nearly snowless winter, it has been abnormally dry; 5.3 inches of snow in Allentown, (20.1 inches below average) and a 2.5 inch below average rainfall, it has been really busy with brush fires around the region. Here you see our deuce and M1028 working a 1 to 1.5 acre brush...
  5. fireman5214

    2 12v or 1 24v Battery Tender?

    Hello all, I talked with a Battery Tender representative and they said a 24v battery tender would be used on a 2-battery system but I don't think they understood what I meant about the startup of the M1028 being 24v and the rest of the vehicle running on 12v. My dad is thinking two 12v battery...
  6. fireman5214

    Turbo Matching

    Hello all, Our turbo on our deuce has blown out and after talking to the forestry service they said they have a truck they can cannibalize one off of but they are unsure if it will fit on our truck. I tried looking and I cannot find anything myself. The forestry service looked for answers and...
  7. fireman5214

    Trouble cross referencing glow plug relay

    Hello All, Our M1028 truck was recently inspected for the year at the fire company and the mechanic said the glow plug relay was bad. He said they are about 30.00 but told us we could install it ourselves to save on costs. He did not give any type of part number. I tried cross referencing the...
  8. fireman5214

    Where to find "Door Molding"?

    Hello all, Anyone know where to get the "Door Molding" part #2 on the image below? I looked up the part numbers on Autozone/Advance Auto and nothing comes up. I looked on ebay and found one for 45.00. Is this about right and if there is another number to look it up as, can I have it please? We...
  9. fireman5214

    M1028 Won't Start Easily

    I was just informed that our M1028 at the fire company won't start easily. This past Monday it started right up after letting the glow plugs warm up. Wednesday it wouldn't start even after glow plugs warmed up and they sprayed starting fluid and it started right up. We are thinking it could be...
  10. fireman5214

    Tires for M1028

    I was told our pickup is a M1028 from this forum and the fire company got the truck from the DCNR federal excess vehicle program. It came with tires, but these are not the best for off-road locations like we are going to use this truck for. It has a 200 gallon water tank in rear so it will sink...
  11. fireman5214

    Where to find tail light gasket

    Anyone know where to find the tail light gaskets for a 1985 M1028? I have done searches online and called local stores/used car/junk yards and no luck. Advance Auto and Autozone told me to check those places and I have not had any luck. Does anyone know if any vendors have them on here? I am...
  12. fireman5214

    M1028 No Lights/Wiring Issue

    Hello all, Our CUCV M1028 at the fire company has no lighting that works, brake, reverse, turn signal, 4 way, headlights, parking lights. Me and my dad bypassed the toggle switches for the blackout lights on the lower left side of the dash with a paperclip and everything worked except the brake...
  13. fireman5214

    M1008, I think?

    Hello all, I am a new member and just found this site while looking for an exploded parts diagram for our newly acquired (I believe too be M1008 but unsure) at our volunteer fire company. I have attached pictures of the truck. I was looking for an exploded parts diagram because the shop that...
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