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  1. Kbarnes0

    WTB Intervehicular Cable in WA state

    Seeing if someone local may have a 12 pin intervehicular cable. I think I can use as short as 6" Im in the Seattle/Tacoma WA Area Thanks
  2. Kbarnes0

    Thread visibility

    If you post to an old thread does it get brought up to the front of "New Posts"? Is it visible to the poster in "New Posts" I dont see it when I scroll down through. Ive had a couple posts on an old thread (HEMTT wheels on FMTV) that was relevant to what I was doing. The last 2 posts haven't had...
  3. Kbarnes0

    Suggestion, for member by state thread

    Curious if there could be a sticky at the beginning of the thread, with a list of the members that sign up by state? Would be cool to see by state how many are there, and who is close to you. The thread works good for letting people know you are available for contact, but tough to go through...
  4. Kbarnes0

    Original unit / use M1090

    Looked through and did a web search and didn't find anything. My biggest issue is I haven't served, so I'm not familiar with the nomenclature, or units. Im curious if anyone can help me get an idea of who, what and where the rig has been etc. I saw a post that someone mentioned you could fill...
  5. Kbarnes0

    Only had it a couple weeks and I'm hooked

    So, got a few things dialed in and a buddy needed a hand hauling some logs for live edge slabs. First run on the hyw. Cruised up to a Seattle university and hauled 2 trips of 128 year old elm, and maple trees. 130miles over all A little slow on the hills regardless if it's loaded or not. Over...
  6. Kbarnes0

    Rear suspension lube

    Since the TM's are for the lmtv, is there a service for the pivot on the rear spring to frame connection. I see a plug so I'm wondering if it takes a heavy oil since it's not a zerk? Headed into the shop early and that's the last point I think I have to lube before getting the first load.
  7. Kbarnes0

    Air over hydraulic, CTIS, and few other question

    Hello all. Just finishing the fluid changes on the 94 M1090. The voltage regulator tested bad and looks like the new one will be here tomorrow. Hit it with the pressure washer and it's interesting to think of where all this dirt and rocks come from. The steering knuckles seem to take quite a...
  8. Kbarnes0

    Just another alternator charging, battery thread - help for new owners?

    Note, this post ended up way longer than I anticipated and I will update some images tomorrow as I think others may also. Also, Without diving to far in. Im new to forums, but if you dive in searching for info. and see multiple posts from a user, double check the items in their signature for...
  9. Kbarnes0

    Got the work horse, time to TM..

    M1090AO Showed up this morning. First military rig. Man am I glad i shipped it. Grabbed the truckers some coffee on the way to the shop and got after it to unload. Was hoping to jump it... But after a few tries with jump boxes/batteries and a charger. No success. Ran an air line from the shop...
  10. Kbarnes0

    Mtv Doors?

    New to the military rig world. Love the site and the TM's. Waiting for the release on a M1090 dump.... w/o doors. (who knows how long it will be with what's going on) From reading some of the threads, looks like the doors are one of the many items that have there weight in gold. Wondering if...
  11. Kbarnes0

    New from Tacoma WA, M1090

    Waiting to pick up a M1090 dump from Doyle CA. Love the info on the site. Pics to come. Thanks to all
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