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  1. cattlerepairman

    Stalls, then won't crank - then does

    I am looking at this logically and thought I'd poll you for thoughts: - truck starts as soon as button is hit. Did not have issues in years. - uneventful 50 mile drive BUT I noticed that the power to the dash came off intermittently (gauges would go to 0). Switching accessory switch on and off...
  2. cattlerepairman

    Check the springs on your front fender bolts - prevents cracking

    I noticed that my front fender had a 3 inch crack in it. I welded it in the course of some other repairs but it bugged me. I also noticed that the headlight panel on that side always shook a lot more than the other side. Well, here is the reason. Lazy a** soldier B mounted the fender onto the...
  3. cattlerepairman

    Detroit 6v53 in an M35A2

    Not sure if this guy is a member here - curious about his build. I have a soft spot for Driptroits. It looks like a Deuce chassis with an old International cab. Sounds good, though! It is not completely blasphemous, either. The 6V53 powered the M113 for example, so it did see military...
  4. cattlerepairman

    What to do with damaged LDT 465

    Since I replaced it with an LDS in 2017 I have the old "lump" taking up space in various locations around the garage . I built a new storage shed and had the great idea of moving the 1600 lbs monster into that yesterday. Great idea. In case you are wondering, an engine hoist will crush a shed...
  5. cattlerepairman

    Cutting down water heater box for in cab mount

    These days I do need a project once in a while to stay sane (I surmise the current pandemic has something to do with it). For a long time I wanted to prepare my hot water heater to be mounted in-cab, similar to what the M35A3 models have. It is an easy project. Tools: 1/2 inch wrench/socket to...
  6. cattlerepairman

    I have no idea why...

    ....I had to have lunch at this place. :-) Almost like something attracted me to it! Greenbelt, MD, just outside Washington DC. Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
  7. cattlerepairman

    1956 M135 2-stroke Detroit Diesel conversion

    I am not into the older Deuces but this one looks like fun and a worthy project to complete. I am not sure what the rules are, so I do not want to post the link to the ad. But if one were to look at and search for "2 stroke detroit diesel" in the region of "Ontario" one would come...
  8. cattlerepairman

    Intermittent power loss - fuel starvation?

    LDS engine starts as soon as you touch the button Ran fine all year, she is being driven a lot (when not down for upgrades or maintenance) Yesterday, four hour trail ride, no hiccups On the way home, in 5th at about 1700 rpm it suddenly felt as if I lifted my foot off the throttle...
  9. cattlerepairman

    VALSPAR 383 Green (federal standard 34094) - also for tinting bedliner

    I needed HERCULINER tinted 383 Green. The company uses a VALSPAR automotive 72 paint paint mixer (Valspar refinish system). They had no idea how to mix 383 green with that. I obtained the instructions from the VALSPAR refinish color lab and here they are, in case they are useful to somebody! The...
  10. cattlerepairman

    Valspar (Lowe's) paint code needed

    I am trying to get a shop with a Valspar Automotive paint mix system to produce some 383 green. They claim they cannot cross reference any of the colour codes I provided from the sticky in this thread. Does anybody happen to have Valspar specific info that I could share with...
  11. cattlerepairman

    Help with identifying PTO

    I got what I think is a rear facing transfer case PTO for the deuce. It's a Chelsea/Parker. Can somebody identify/verify? Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
  12. cattlerepairman

    Armor armored headlight IR lens replacement

    The issue: You have a cool headlight but it has the dark IR glass lens. You do not really drive with IR goggles on, so the feature is useless. You want a clear light instead. This is the dual lamp version. See the dark IR lens on the left: (Picture not mine; thanks, interweb) The lens is...
  13. cattlerepairman

    M35A3 Camper "Junkyard Empire"

    Late last night I had one eye still half open when an episode of "Junkyard Empire" aired. They took what looked like a pristine M35A3 with about 5k miles on it and converted it into a "bobbed" single axle camper. Ostensibly "for a client". Well, it is a reality show. So, now, knowing that they...
  14. cattlerepairman

    Sue's hydraulic power steering in his M35A3

    I am posting the pictures for this member who kindly texted them to me! He is (self-declared) picture upload challenged. He says: "We put a TAS 65 powersteering box on ours ( got it new from vanderhags) $400, it’s off of a big snow plow. a cat hydraulic pump. $129( bolts to the back of the...
  15. cattlerepairman

    Headlight bucket rings - my nemesis

    I can make a new harness for the civilian LED headlights and solder everything nicely, I can crimp the military connectors and put it all together. But for the life of me I cannot get the three locking screws for the headlight bucket rings lined up so that all three of them actually grab. One...
  16. cattlerepairman

    So your **** door does not close right? - here is a few tips - door adjustment

    How to remove, replace the door and how to rehab interiors (glass, window channels, locks etc.): (TM 9-2320-361-24-2) Swapping the door was straightforward. The problem was that the door, new hinges and all, did not sit...
  17. cattlerepairman

    Random maintenance tip - crud at the bottom of the pop-out cab air vent

    Just spent half an hour trying to fish the door opening limiter rod out of the hollow area where the pop-out cab vent sits. I was surprised how much crud and leaves and general dirt collects in there. Open the vent, grab the spring from the outside and gently push it down and in to unhook it...
  18. cattlerepairman

    Fender weatherstripping/body gasket

    Fender weatherstripping/body gasket - fender welt - fender bead I know I saw it somewhere here long ago but cannot find it - where can I get the gasket/weatherstripping between the front fender and the cab? Any specs etc. on it?
  19. cattlerepairman

    LDS/LDT accessory belt length with and without power steering pump

    I have a Vickers power steering pump off a 5ton multifuel to go onto my LDS. Does anyone know whether different belt lengths are required - and what they are - or does the pump fit right into the existing belt pathway?
  20. cattlerepairman

    Scrap yard woes (**RANT**) - what's your advice?

    I located two M35 in a truck scrap yard close to me late last year. They are the Canadian licence built versions. They are rough...dash ripped out, fender missing, one bed missing etc. BUT they do have some parts I would like to salvage as nice upgrades to my truck, especially the power...
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