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  1. Kbarnes0

    Need to haul heavy load in central WA; anybody wanting to help?

    I'll pm you with contact info.
  2. Kbarnes0

    Need to haul heavy load in central WA; anybody wanting to help?

    I may be able to lend a hand. What length trailer is needed? And where at?
  3. Kbarnes0

    Need to haul heavy load in central WA; anybody wanting to help?

    What length of trailer. I'm picking one up Monday that is 20ish ft over axle. Might ba able to help based on location and time frame. My 6x6 is a dump truck also. If that would help.
  4. Kbarnes0

    WTB Intervehicular Cable in WA state

    Seeing if someone local may have a 12 pin intervehicular cable. I think I can use as short as 6" Im in the Seattle/Tacoma WA Area Thanks
  5. Kbarnes0

    HEMTT wheels on FMTV?

    Finally got them done. Cruising with 16s, 2600 RPM is 68MPH. Cruise @ 50 - 55 is around 2100 RPM. Based on an app. Need to calibrate the speedo. Plenty of clearance between the rears. 100.5" track width on the front. With the rim offset, no rubbing on chassis components. Still had (need)...
  6. Kbarnes0

    I've never seen my m1088 transmission cooler fans come on

    I'm interested in this also. It seems they have so much cooling it would need to be operated for extended periods of time with major load. Even with 18k in my dump truck I never noticed them coming on.
  7. Kbarnes0

    Looking CTIS part aka Hens teeth

    Isnt it an o ring boss fitting? My local hydraulic shop had them I believe.
  8. Kbarnes0

    Thread visibility

    If you post to an old thread does it get brought up to the front of "New Posts"? Is it visible to the poster in "New Posts" I dont see it when I scroll down through. Ive had a couple posts on an old thread (HEMTT wheels on FMTV) that was relevant to what I was doing. The last 2 posts haven't had...
  9. Kbarnes0

    HEMTT wheels on FMTV?

    Needing some input on valve stem / ctis Fmtv valve stem is about 1" short and needs 1" more offset to work on HEMTT wheels First two pics. Factory valve stem has the smooth part to seal on the 90* o-ring. In the haltec catalog, it looks like this is a one off style. Other pics. After...
  10. Kbarnes0

    HEMTT wheels on FMTV?

    Started to see what is all about. Just as when the truck showed up, then the 16s. They are much bigger than I expected. Split one of the old rims to get the valve stem and ctis hardware out to see what will be needed to fit to the HEMTT wheel. I thought the ctis thread on assembly to the...
  11. Kbarnes0

    Just purchased an MTVR...

    Well deserved
  12. Kbarnes0

    LMTV Alternator Disaster, engine now catastophic

    Face palm... dang. Thought I was getting someone headed in the right direction. Either way, It came around ... Ill do better next time :)
  13. Kbarnes0

    LMTV Alternator Disaster, engine now catastophic

    The Allison transmission/transfercase are combined. In normal operation It splits the ratio 30/70 front to rear. Im Mode, It locks the ration 50/50. It will cause damage if operated w/o a driveline in. @coachgeo has a great set of links at the bottom of his signature. From what I have read, the...
  14. Kbarnes0

    Just purchased an MTVR...

    I'd recommend getting the pro gun. Depot has them with the cans that thread on. Allows to keep the product good even if you don't use the entire contents. Better control depending on what you need for the void. Use door and window foam for small voids. Less exspansion/ pressure on critical...
  15. Kbarnes0

    Just purchased an MTVR...

    What type of insulation do you plan on using?
  16. Kbarnes0

    I have joined the club ! And yes I have lost my mine !

    What did you find for shortcomings?
  17. Kbarnes0

    Well, I done did it. Won a m1078. Need to get it home... In Wahington - any suggesti

    Half the battle is getting after the task. Either way, you will find a resolve, or a way around. The next one, or situation will be accomplished with the knowledge gained. Just remember, others have been exactly where you are at.
  18. Kbarnes0

    Aloha from a newby

    I had a similar occurrence the other day. I've been slipping the Batt connections on and off. New Batts and alt is running good. Had a random display while cruising to the shop. Check those terminals, charge output at multiple locations like coachgeo. At the Batts, at the alt to frame, and...
  19. Kbarnes0

    Buzzer with volume control?

    From a can of brake clean. Some wd-40 cans might have a similar cap if you want to dress up the rig with red 😁
  20. Kbarnes0

    Who's gonna give this a try? :) (safe video)

    Looks like a good time. I can't say I'm ready to do that.... But I would, if the traffic was bad and I needed to get that crate of monkeys delivered.
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